Media Milestone: Harness the Power of Publicity to Generate Buzz & Talk Value for the Brands

   Seema Gupta, Co-Founder,       Deep Gupta, Founder

Seema Gupta, Co-Founder

Deep Gupta, Founder

They say design speaks. When it comes to translating what some of the best design brands are saying, Deep and Seema Gupta are who the leading names turn to.

The dynamic and ever-smiling duo run Media Milestone, a New Delhi-based boutique media and public relations agency founded by Deep Gupta in 2012. With an indepth understanding of the high-end design world, as well as media-both conventional and digital-the agency conceptualizes and implements highly effective and innovative communication strategies ensuring clients maximum exposure in the press, digital communications, and events. Positioned in the forefront of media relations, the expert team at Media Milestone provides their clientele with a modern perspective on an
industry that is constantly evolving.

The agency offers services such as brand strategy, media strategy, event structuring, brand videos, influencer networking, and social media marketing to its clients comprising of leading Indian and International brands. These include Beyond Designs, Ellementry, Essentia Environments, Sanjyt Syngh, Sources Unlimited, Ottimo, Sans Souci, and more.

We're a dynamic team of communication experts who are dedicated to helping the best luxury brands grow their businesses by placing their work in front of qualified, prospective audiences

The power couple, Deep Gupta (Founder, Media Milestone) and Seema Gupta (Co-Founder, Media Milestone) believe in using their experience, vision, and ideas to bestow a significant impact on the clients as well as media personnel. Media Milestone shares the passion for luxury architecture, interiors, and lifestyle with their clients. “Our ideas are aligned with our clients’ vision and idiosyncrasies. We share an equally strong passion for beauty, form, function, and an elevated lifestyle. These shared ideals and dreams are what make us a great team that works towards great outcomes,” states Deep Gupta - Founder, Media Milestone.

The number of editorial testimonials on their agency website is a measure of the regard media holds for them. “Passion for design, very responsive, service-oriented,” are the words that resonate. Clearly Deep and Seema speak the language of the industry, and everybody is listening.