Customer Analytics: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Your Data

Rajesh Balchandran, COOt is no secret that the RoI of any firm can be radically magnified by converging market research intelligence with their entire data/information ecosystem. From raw material purchasing, HR, customer services and distribution to finance, all generated data must be leveraged for insight and prediction. The more relevant data the organization brings to bear on a decision, the better. Customer Analytics, a data-driven marketing research intelligence and analytics company, unfurls the utmost potential of customers through a much more empowered evidence-based decision-making process by demanding convergence of all relevant information resources within an organization and leveraging them fully.Amidst other firms that wait for tasks to be handed to them on a platter, the Wisconsin and Chennai based company distinguishes itself with its passion for their clients' success, where it draws on its significant experience of 14 years to adeptly identify analytic projects, technologies and solutions that would help clients.Most organizations grapple to manage change and integrate new

knowledge, while Customer Analytics ensures adoption by embedding themselves early enough in identifying the problems and players to build consensus proactively. The company has the business acumen to grasp large, complex data within the client's ecosystem and the statistical firepower to deliver results; thereby nullifying the risk and uncertainty in decision making.

Customer Analytics was founded in 2001 to exploit its core competency, which continues to be the marriage of data, analytics and technology.

Along with the exponential growth of client deliverables and increasing demand for its services, Customer Analytics has tripled its size over the last two years

Triumph of this strategy is manifest from the company's client portfolio, which includes a plethora of B2B and B2C brands across manufacturing, education, retail and wholesale that has been contentedly allied to Customer Analytics for an average of 8 years. Aside from providing deep insights into the spending patterns and growth rates of a client's customer base, the company also proffers social media research, forecasting, advertising effectiveness, direct customer communication including survey research, and much more.Besides a cadre of statisticians,
business analysts and big data scientists, Customer Analytics also has over 200 database and application developers, QA/QC engineers, design, and support team members. This provides the company with excellent capability for working on specific issues across an organization and wrapping the solution into a mobile app, dashboard or other delivery vehicle. The company strongly believes in the 'family comes first' philosophy, and keenly rewards performance, innovation, being a good colleague and
taking personal responsibility. People get promoted based on the impact they make on business, rather than their experience or university credentials. Customer Analytics is clear, that to innovate and create new value, one must be a student of the company and his or her specialization. "We spend ample time with each other. So we want you to be the person you would like to work with. Share knowledge with your colleagues, mentor young and new staff; remember, all ships rise with the tide!" points out Rajesh Balchandran, COO, Customer Analytics.

Along with the exponential growth of client deliverables and increasing demand for its services, Customer Analytics has tripled its size over the last two years. "Passion for our clients' success is our key differentiator. We keep our focus on where the client needs to go and what technology will enable this. We remain open to changes in techniques and technology and feel confident that we are in the right place in the convergence of data and business," concludes Rajesh.