Doon Consulting: The Quality Destination for Your Demand Generation Needs

Meeta Wasan,Director, Sales & Programs -Asia/APAC

Meeta Wasan

Director, Sales & Programs -Asia/APAC

Driven by unique marketing models coupled with structured sales methodologies, demand generation has become one of the favorite customs of the customer-loving businesses.

With highest lead approval ratio in the industry, Doon has been growing significantly year–by- year and has recorded 40 percent growth last year alone

However, the task of demand generation is not as rosy as it sounds. For many, the priorities of demand generation might be driving results, but for others, it is creating experience and needless to say, few also aim for well-heeled companies for a better benefit. According to the recent Demand Gen Report Benchmark study (2015), nearly one third of B2B marketing executives state that improving their ability to measure and analyze marketing impact is
one of their biggest demand generation priorities. But are those priorities enough for strengthening the industry? "No," says Meeta Wasan, Director, Sales &Programs -Asia/APAC, Doon Consulting, one of the leading marketing consulting firms of today. "In my opinion, the biggest challenge and drawback is the huge shortage in the companies that do good quality work, while perfectly understanding the work of Demand Generation. But, we at Doon Consulting keep quality at the helm of our work and have weaved a successful track record of providing excellent quality of leads with a consistent result of over 95 percent BANT qualified leads, over 80-90 percent Sales accepted leads and over 50 percent sales qualified leads in many instances," adds Meeta.What started as a small thought which was crystallized at Meeta's home, today has emanated to rub the shoulders with very few who are re-defining the industry. The most amusing part of all is that the 11-year old company has been instrumental in living their motto of complementing companies by improving their sales teams' top-line and scalability. Built on the firm strategies of using multiple methodologies like E-DM, DM, tele-calling exercise and digital marketing, the professionals endeavor to provide a perfect blend of right tools, experience, knowledge and technology, thus furnishing best RoI to the clients. And the results have been reflected in their happy customers who cover eminent product/service companies such as world's top five enterprise software and hardware and services companies and three
of the top consulting firms. The company's differentiated services include database, appointment setting, lead generation & qualification, competitive &win/loss analysis, sales/channels effectiveness programs and audience generation solutions.

The Crew
"We believe in 'All work and no play make Doon a dull place'," proclaims Meeta. The company which derives their greatest satisfaction from their professional wizards also ensures a right balance between work and life through umpteen numbers of activities. While Doon provides considerable responsibility to the crew to mold them into professionals, they also believe in working hard and playing hard. "We also try to ensure that they are compensated really well for the work they do and are completely aligned with the success of the client," adds Meeta.

Present & Beyond
With highest lead approval ratio in the industry, Doon has been growing significantly, year-by-year and has recorded 40 percent growth last year alone. As a crown to this growth, the result-driven organization was also awarded with the 'Brand Leadership Award' by the World Marketing Congress and the CMO Council (2014). Looking forward at organic growth and clients' portfolio expansion, the Gurgaon headquartered company is currently in the phase of officially launching Digital Marketing Service and Database Services which have already marked their presence in South East Asia and APAC regions amidst SAARC countries.