Essel Marketing & Promotions: Ideating Solutions to Help Companies Establish Consumer Connect

Rohit Lamba ,CEORohit Lamba, a seasoned veteran in the marketing realm, always believed that there is neither any ironclad formula to weave innovative solutions nor any stringent pattern to create them, but there's always another way. It is this ethos that reflects in his entrepreneurial journey where he has carved out a niche business with his out-of-the-box thinking and zest to make it big. Thus, with a deep ingrained passion and a solution-focused attitude, he has made his dream come true in the avatar of Essel Marketing & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. Started off on the right foot in the year 1996 from his living room, Essel today has grown by leaps and bounds into a fully integrated marketing solutions agency offering soup-to-nuts solutions that connect brands with customers.The Mumbai-based company likes to be where creativity and technology converge. Thus, with the right combination of research, creativity and technology, Essel helps brands enhance customer experience through its solutions.

The company has raised the bar to a new peak by offering a service portfolio that includes Promotions, Premiums, Supply Chain & Quality Assurance, Digital Solutions, Character Licensing, Brand Partnerships, Loyalty Rewards Program (Empower Rewards) and e-Commerce Solutions (Magikbazaar). "We connect brands to the emerging market trends and consumer insights through promotional innovation, custom product design & manufacturing, licensing partnerships and digital innovation," asserts Rohit Lamba, CEO, Essel Marketing & Promotions Pvt. Ltd. From strategic planning and consumer research to innovative premiums, Essel has the experience, creativity and tactical expertise in generating brand awareness and consumer purchase.

As a business grows, the truth hits like a bullet that the most daunting task is enabling the business to conceive and execute unique and innovative promotional marketing campaigns to help clients get an edge over the competition. The other challenge that gives sleepless nights is to consistently devise solutions that would engage consumers with the clients' brands. But Essel's best-in-breed product designers and developers and breakthrough thinking ability that runs parallel with the changing market trends and consumer insights makes it a horse of a different color. Working with multiple strategic manufacturing suppliers also gives the agency a much-needed push to supply and
deliver cost competitive solutions to meet their clients' needs.At present, Essel consists of over 200 best-in-class manufacturers with varied production capabilities. "Thinking out-of-the-box or breaking the box altogether, whichever way it works, we are up for it. With this unconventional approach, we have designed some landmark solutions in the industry," shares Rohit. Essel's trustworthy cadre of clients stands out as the agency wows some of its biggest clients that include Kellogg's, Mondelez India, Heinz, Domino's, Unilever, Colgate, McVitie's, KFC, McDonald's, GSK in addition to their association with Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Essel's howling success has come its way owing to the profoundly ingrained values and culture that run deep in the company's DNA. The company nurtures a people-focused culture that promotes mutual respect, open communication and constant learning. "We might not be the best talents in the industry but we sure are out-of-the-box thinkers. Our constant yearning to do things differently keeps us motivated," he adds. Never failing to surprise their clients with innovative premia products, Essel is looking forward to develop a portfolio boasting of breakthrough integrated creative ideas that tap both, the head and the heart and drive clients' businesses. The company also envisions itself transforming into a world-renowned premia company that has the strength of a big corporation as well as the agility of a small firm.