Feedback Business Consulting: Own the Comfort of Aggregation of Information, Idea, Insights & Implementation Under One Roof

In today's connected world, customers are a key to business triumphs. Customers play multiple roles in evangelizing a business or driving critical benefits for a service provider. The big benefits would be revenue multiplication, business expansion, customer retention and improving internal practices for sustained growth.

Business ecosystem changes frequently. Customers need to have a dynamic strategy and should be inclusive and updated. It therefore becomes extremely imperative for customers to reap-in strong information led insights from markets they address. This requires market intelligence of a very high order.

Customers require information high on accuracy, insights that are meaningfully deep and ideas that are implementable. Every customer challenge is unique. In short, the level of service customization required for market research is very high. Not many market research companies offer the level of customization desired. Not many companies are deeply sensitized to customer challenges. The DNA of Bangalore headquartered B2B research & consulting firm named Feedback Business Consulting is however different. They thrive in challenging situations and have been helping their customers succeed for over 28 years. Their services have allowed customers change market practices, introduce new products and services, create differentiation in the
market and sustain leadership positions.
Founded in 1985, Feedback Business Consulting conceives its business around three core
V. Ravichandar,Chairmanstrategic assets - customers, knowledge and its people. Every research is designed around these core objectives and a team of specialist's work on addressing them. Powered by a strong 4i framework - information, ideas, insights and implementation, Feedback has helped clients understand market opportunity, stakeholder satisfaction, market ecosystem and potential partners in India and other parts of the world - ASEAN, MENA, Europe and Southern Africa.

In Sync with the Industry's need, the firm also provides Voice of Stakeholders using very rigorous methodologies and innovative approaches to measure satisfaction. The heart of this approach is aggregation and dis-aggregation which drives actionability for client. "Feedback's homegrown customer satisfaction model which primarily integrates customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and value for money to derive a single index for the client which can be tracked year on year. The model also highlights 'breakaways', thus
making it possible to come up with
strategic and tactical initiatives for these specific clients. Over time, it has been possible to build industry benchmarks and best practices across verticals," explains Shankar Khasnis, CEO, Feedback Business Consulting.

The Nerve Center of Excellence
Today, market research has evolved beyond bar charts & graphs. Clients look for insights that can have direct or indirect impact on their balance sheet. Feedback's voice division helps in retaining and growing customer accounts so that success reflects in their balance sheets.
The crew comprising of 140 consultants and 12 global partners, immensely benefit from the high empowerment and enabling ecosystem in the firm. "The more you push people to take responsibilities, the faster they will grow," says Shankar. "The ecosystem of the firm runs on one common understanding: I am the CEO of this company and everybody should have access to me at any point in time, without having to go through the mundane protocol," opines Shankar.

Over the years, Feedback has successfully grown from a market research firm to a market research led business advisory firm. It now has specialist verticals in, IT, Energy, Mining & Metals, Electronics & Telecommunication, construction, engineering and emerging sectors like healthcare, education, food & logistics. With operations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi, the firm is buoyant that 2015 and beyond will be their best years in terms of business and earnings.