iLeadFarmers: Leveraging the Supremacy of Email Marketing to Generate Effective Lead

One of the key important objectives of any B2B marketing department to run a fruitful business is to have a strategy that creates a qualified lead. As a sales team cannot be successful without it, it's a mere necessity to generate good leads. Moreover, it's all about brand awareness, pulling down leads and making profitable sales and most importantly about quality, not quantity. In the B2B world, telemarketing is considered as one of the means of developing leads. However, often it becomes irksome to receive call from a telemarketer who is promoting something in which you have no interest. On the other hand, the power of email marketing has primarily remained unchanged since the early days of internet. As an email enables immediate and direct communication, it is the most effective lead generation tactics used by marketers. With zeal to redefine the industry through personalized email marketing, 2009 born iLeadFarmers Pvt. Ltd. spearheads the few and provides lead generation services and products to IT companies.

The company breaks through the clutter of the mundane industry through their unique marketing initiatives that encompass intelligent use of online platform, quality content and high definition graphics and images. Highly celebrated for their services, the company rather than using telemarketers for creating lead does strong
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Shashi Sudhanshu ,CEOsize,company behaviour, product,services ultimately identifying their potential clients who would be interested. Post this lead generation email is sent to clients which has one goal - get users to click through to access the offer. In the similar vein, iLeadFarmers also uses social media for brand positioning and generating buzz as it can transform the lead generation from 'blah to superb'. The firm leverages the supremacy of peer-to-peer communication and delivers a brand lift which ultimately increases the brand's authenticity.
iLeadFarmers stands tall amongst the few in providing end-to-end business development services ranging from strategy, implementation and deal closure for technology companies. The company offers comprehensive solutions including lead generation & appointment setting, digital marketing communication, UI & UX designing, mobile responsive & CMS websites with positioning and messaging, marketing collateral
design, digital & social media marketing, product & brand launch and many more. With an in-depth understanding and clear analysis, the firm vests their interest to work with startup and mid-sized companies when it comes to lead generation. Through their unique client centric delivery models, the company ensures that they take care of their branding, marketing, case studies and design angle. Having creativity ingrained in their DNA, their team houses techies who understand modern technology in and out along with its business benefits to any industry.

iLeadFarmers was founded in 2009 by Shashi Sudhanshu and Pranali Vichare whose passion in business, technology, design and above all, people helped them to carve a niche of their own amongst the bigwigs of the industry. The vision behind starting the company was to break the traditional trend of lead hunting, move the focus from only generating leads to generating good business and to fix the chaos happening with sales and marketing at IT companies. Embedded with innovation, the brand today boasts of serving around 1000+ clients like CtrlS, Cytel, Harbinger Group, Crayon Data, SAP, Gerab Group, Dynamix Cloud, Inteliment, Searce, SkillsInternational amongst many more. The company firmly believes in the ethos, 'the price might be of a million dollar, but the value should be of two million dollars', thus wishes to rule the industry with superior quality products.