iResearch Services: Unlocking Business Performance with its Robust Experience & Intellect

Tragically, most Indian organizations fail to grasp that market research empowers them with organic and inorganic growth through better decision making. Even organizations who realize the power of market research seek a unicorn that provides faster and cost-effective services without compromising quality.

iResearch Services, a global market research company, has poised itself as one of the top three market research companies in India with an astonishing 120 percent growth rate - even in the yet to educate Indian market - through its unique prowess in stabilizing time, quality and cost factors. The Pune-based company has successfully materialized & engaged in innovative services that's far ahead of its competition.

iResearch Services conducts study in about 90 countries and 17 languages with offices in Pune, Delhi, London and U.S., and has captivated several world's leading research firms and consulting firms as its clients. This is mainly due to their global capability of working both on the country sources work and the country where work is being outsourced to.

Albeit iResearch Services tightly bonds with clients by working hand-in-hand to perform multitude of services, the company built its forte in data collection and lead generation space; with numerous prestigious awards to speak for it. "We apply our intellect, skill-sets and experience to deliver the best. There is nothing in between that," simply revealing the secret recipe of iResearch Services success is Yogesh Shah,Director-Sales,
iResearch Services.

No More Empty Promises
Promises are made everywhere. Deliveries aren't. To bridge this gap, iResearch Services was founded in year 2008. Delivering precisely what client expects allowed the company to continuously evolve its capabilities at services and product front. iResearch Services believes that it will keep proliferating, since this tremendous growth hasn't arrived from one client, one industry or one country.

The company finds it challenging to reach people in industries like healthcare especially patient studies. However, having forged a stellar reputation for reaching hard-to-access audience across numerous industries including IT, Telecom, BFSI, logistics and retail, iResearch Services is keen on surmounting this challenge.

The company follows a culture of pragmatic& process driven culture, while processes are defined but customer comes before anything or anyone else because every customer is different, and so the leaders and the team have only one primary responsibility - whatever customer wants, the customer gets (within reason, of course).

Conversely, iResearch Services also inculcates a baseball culture, from an employee standpoint. They believe that as far employees are happy, comfortable and feel respected, the work will get done and employees will want to stick with the company for long haul. Social events, incentives, company outings, motivation and appreciation are big component of
Yogesh Shah,Director - Sales

Yogesh Shah

Director - Sales

our culture. Along with award ceremonies iResearch Services also conducts motivational sessions with thought leaders and best-selling authors.After immense effort, the company successfully launched, a proprietary panel that is being utilized for research in numerous countries. "PanelEngage has driven lot of development and we are quite satisfied with the way we are moving," says Yogesh.

Following this huge success, iResearch Services is building SurvoGraphics, a real-time data analytics & visualization service that can be accessed even via mobile. It enables users to dissect a particular data deeply, rather than frittering away 24 hours in waiting for those particulars from analyst.

Moving forward, iResearch Services wishes to add more services like report writing and real time big data in its horizons and extend its panel services to a lot more countries, while continuing to broaden services in lead generation arena. The company envisions emerging into a huge decision-making data provider in future.