Market Quotient: Pioneers in Providing Timely & Cost Competitive Market Research & Data Management Services Backed by Technology

With new routes of information procurement emerging, market research and analytics industry have undergone an astonishing growth in recent times. It is claimed that because of liberalization of more industry sectors, it is going to be a $50 billion industry over the next couple of years. The growth is mainly attributed to companies who in this hyper competitive market have sooner realized the role of data and analysis services in deciding and modifying their offering to serve their customers better. Pronounced as the Mecca of market research services, India - because of its affluent tradition of academic excellence is well suited to ride this wave of the future. Its young populace, equipped with a solid foundation in logical and verbal reasoning, is the key deciding factor in this regard; hence companies globally look at India as the most trusted data solution provider. However, there is a dire need for a finest market research firm who houses such experienced and professional developers specializing in providing timely and cost competitive services backed by technology. A 2012 born Market Research company, Market Quotient, stands as a perfect example of such firm which has a clear vision of providing wide range of research, analytics and data management outsourcing services to global clients.Pioneer in the space, the company was incepted in Kolkata, India, by Sharique Nisar, Tanay Roy and Abhijit Mitra who
Sharique Nisar, Foundersthemselves are wizards of research and analytics industry. "The guiding philosophy behind the inception of the company was a simple desire to address the delta between the delivery of the existing research and analytics offerings on one hand, and the expectations and requirements of the users of such data and research services on the other," says Sharique Nisar, Co-Founder & Director, Market Quotient. Market Quotient delivers out-of-the-box services ranging from Market Research, Business Research, Data Management, Analytics & Modeling to Investment Research across the continuum of industry verticals like BFSI, Healthcare and Retail amongst others. Through their unique client centric delivery models, the company ensure that the data provided is not just 99 percent accurate but also timely to be of use to the client when he needs it, a fact which has been always been
appreciated by their clients. Based on the current trend, the market is hopeful of remaining inclined
towards data oriented work instead of lengthy research report, as a result the brand has extended their service line via Being their new venture, it aims to turn the market upside down by providing ready company and executive databases across geographies and sectors.With a team of industry veterans who have vast experience in various senior positions in global brand names, Market Quotient is instrumental in steering on the right path. While the U.S. team is in charge of the company's North America activities relating to Account Management, the India team looks after the project delivery end to end. To fuel the upkeep of employee morale and motivation, the firm has implemented such employee friendly practices like work from home and flexi timings. Embedded with innovation it their DNA, the brand which began their services with one client today cater to international clients from North America, Europe and Middle East among which few are Fortune 500 companies, thus making their footprint prominent. "Market Quotient intends to expand its scale of operations and invest in building further capacity, with a major focus on retaining and developing its Human Capital," says Sharique Nisar, Co-Founder & Director, Market Quotient.