BUZZ Communications: Offering 360° Communication Package

Achal K Paul,Director

Achal K Paul


The public relations service is not about building solutions and finding bugs, it is just about being 'consistent'.The versatility of the strategy is the essence of PR-domain existence. Since every client has discrete requirement stacks to satisfy, the game plan once used is practically expired post the process. Over the years, the trend followed by the organizations has been either possessing an incumbent PR Agency or partaking in short term PR activity bursts. BUZZ Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a boon to both long & short term project types of clients with its professional PR & Event Management services.

Behind the Scenes
To proffer a dynamic & versatile PR strategy, the organization researches the requirements, understands the situation, competition on-the-go, and analyzes the message they want to bring to the fore. As the next stride, BUZZ reverts with a strategic roll out plan, which brings desired results for clients in a given period
of time. It is because of this phenomenal track record that the company served Global Car Manufacturer-Toyota in India for over six years; India's largest Construction Equipment Company-JCB India for over seven years and now conquered an opportunity to brand European Union in India to promote its Film Festival (EUFF), resulting in an improved & recognized brand value of EUFF in 11 targeted cities. No wonder BUZZ has reappeared as the PR partner of EU events in 2016 too!

"I dare say that any client who comes to us for a project either comes back for another project or turns into a retainer client! This is in true manner achieving 'customer delight' which is feasible only when client gets much more than what he expected out of the PR exercise," proclaims Achal Paul, Director, BUZZ Communications. This ability to go under the skin of the client and carve them a befitting professional strategy post the due diligence, with personal colour and flexibility that works best in the given scenario, helps this PR server to stand out from the market combats.

Things to Expect
The company came to existence in 2007, the time when marketing scenario of our country was not much e-based as it is now. Streaming with the advancement of technology innovations, the organization today commands the sector that demands positioning of business leaders & companies as
the masters of their spaces.BUZZ helps its client's ecosystem to satisfy these exigencies via its digital PR model, blogging and comprehensive leverage of smartphone space. "Content is basic thing that sells in PR! Just giving information is not enough; to attract eyeballs and stand out in over 1000 Press Releases daily, content apart from being informative should be educative and engaging," opines Achal. With Pan India and Global reach, the company offers 360° strategic communication management, thus acts as a one-stop-shop for communication solutions. The integrated communication solution of the company includes Public Relation, Events, Advertising and Direct Marketing, with 24x7 support. The company's clientele spreads into verticals such as Education, IT & Telecom, Automobile, Infrastructure, Banking, Healthcare, Nuclear Energy, Lifestyle, FMCG, Real Estate and NGOs.

It's Not About Battalion
As the PR sector demands quality rather than quantity in terms of everything, a handful of likeminded close-knit professionals brought up by feeding freedom, today exhibit wonders for the organization. "Leveraging the catalysts such as Digital India, we will stride forward in this direction, but still feel that the traditional print & electronic media can't be ruled out completely. So we have to keep working on that simultaneously," concludes Achal.