Ngenius Brand Interactions: Offering a Comprehensive &: Integrated Range of Communication Businesses to its Clients

 Ashwani Anthony,  Managing Director

Ashwani Anthony

Managing Director

Over the past few decades, marketing has evolved from the simple act of informing potential consumers about the existence of a certain product to manufacturing customized products to meet the needs of the customers. Customers today have a wide range of options and resources to choose from when determining the finest products for them in terms of quality and price. This has forced marketers to acknowledge the need for a devoted army of loyal customers if they want to survive in this cutthroat environment. Experiential marketing, which focuses on directly engaging consumers through participation events, is one of the innovative marketing tactics that have emerged as a result of customer centric marketing. Utilizing emotional appeal and reallife experiences, experiential marketing creates a personal connection that helps customers remember the products or services for a long time.

Ngenius is a young experiential marketing firm that was established in 2011. The firm offers a wide range of communication services in the fields of advertising, experiential marketing, and integrated marketing advice. With increased competition, it is getting more challenging for marketers to identify and connect with their target audience. Therefore, brand recognition and product accessibility are crucial for customers. Ngenius recognizes the need of

the clients and hence offers customized solutions and innovative strategies to the clients based on their requirements.

"Ngenius is a one-stop solution for all experiential marketing and offers the services like Brand strategiesBrand Promotions, Exhibitions, Events & Activations, Launches, Talent management, Retail branding, Integrated marketing consultancies and more", says Ashwani Anthony, Managing Director, Ngenius.

Ngenius believes that through innovation, creativity, & commitment, the firm can deliver outcomes that can transform clients' brands & ways of life

Clients want to work with someone that can execute their vision, and that is what Ngenius focuses on, satisfying the client's needs. When a client contacts the firm, they are first asked to describe exactly what they are seeking, before offering them feasible solutions and actionable tactics. "We further map their issues with our solutions followed by taking the feedback from the client & then incorporating those changes to suffice their requirement which creates an experience that garners more organic relationship with our client base", adds Ashwani Anthony. Ngenius believes that through innovation, creativity, and commitment, the firm can deliver outcomes that can transform clients' brands and ways of life.

Ngenius has a group of industry experts, skilled in business development, marketing and research, client servicing, creative designing, production and operations, content writing, and other related domains. During the course of the journey, the firm has collaborated with some of the most prominent brands, including Hyundai, Vivo, Samsung, Hero Cycle, Kai India, GE Power, GE T& D, Alstom, UNDP, Dabur, Diagio. Ngenius take pride in being honored by 5 WOW Awards, 4 Asia Promotional and Marketing Awards, and a Limca Book of Records entry. The firm's MD, Ashwani Anthony, was the member of the PMAA Jury which is a huge achievement for the team.

Ngenius has executed several projects effectively so far all across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and PAN India. Considering both the clients' and customers' digital presence, Ngenius is planning to cater to Digital Marketing and web-based solutions shortly."We plan to expand our presence by opening branch offices in Mumbai(reopening post covid) Dubai & Bangkok", shares Ashwani Anthony. The firm aims to generate $200 million in revenue over the next four to five years.