OMG Group: Proactive Brand & Advertising Veterans Propelling Growth & Competitive Advantage

Ashish Bhat, Founder & CEO

Ashish Bhat, Founder & CEO

Every passion-driven success story has a tale to tell; likewise, the story of Ashish Bhat (Founder & CEO, OMG Group) is no exception. Framing the picture of an aspiring individual with a mind-borne dream who started his career in this industry with just Rs.4,500, Ashish began his rendezvous with the integrated marketing industry in 2014 when he founded OMG Group that defined an upturn of events ever since. Taking on to establish this concrete embodiment, Ashish’s vision took flight with an ultimate objective to assist clients unlock new propellers of growth and competitive advantage in the integrated marketing field.

No sooner than he realized, Ashish had his first official client and soon grew to what’s today a full-fledged integrated advertising agency that has achieved a cross-over of Rs.50 crore revenue and offers 360-degree advertising & IT Services and Solution. Grounded and empowered by in-depth knowledge in marketing and technology execution, Ashish avows, “Our integrated marketing strategies are geared towards
finding the optimum combination of different marketing channels to match client expectations and result oriented objectives. We ensure that their digital footprint reaches all the right channels at the right time”.

"OMG Group excels at generating out-of-the-box ideas to shape brands under the umbrella of its OMG advertising offerings"

With an intention of delivering only the best, OMG Group functions proactively, seeking to thoroughly understand the client’s market and their business, so as to plan-out the best possible strategy for promoting he client-brand. Serving as a one-stop-solution for brand-promotion, leveraging data and analytics, OMG Group excels at generating out-of-the-box ideas to shape brands under the umbrella of its OMG advertising offerings that include branding, print, creative designs, radio, TV-commercials and events to boost customer base and brand value. While its OMGDIGI caters to a gamut of digital strategies/media, SEO/SEM, video production, mobile marketing, OMGTECH delivers technology development.

Technology Spearheads Effective Brand Endorsements
Leveraging rigorous marketing techniques with technology spearheading its operations, unlike its marketing-driven peers, OMG Group specializes in the process of creating a platform for clients and influencers to conquer a niche for brands in the market. The platform
serves to create opportunities of business exchange between the two and straighten loops with its specialized marketing automation tool (HEO) that enhances client marketing campaigns boosting productivity at lower costs. Besides a smart lead management system, the company also possesses several in-house developed products to uplift the productivity of diverse sectors like banking, school management, hospital management and more. Aiding startups anchor a niche in the market, OMG Group provides special and affordable packages to boost their growth.

Further upholding its proactive zeal, the company avails its employees in rotation, allotting one dedicated account manager for every client to ensure a continuous flow of fresh ideas and advertising strategies. This unique approach earned the company a record of retaining clients for over five years. Moreover, made up of a bunch of veterans with decades of industry experience, the Google-certified OMG Group’s services guarantee stringent security of client data.

Taking Success One Step at a Time
Thriving as a tech-romantic with exclusive innovations in the pipeline for 2019-2020, OMG Group anticipates a YOY growth of 15-25 percent and aims to close a minimum of Rs.68 crore for the coming FY. With an international stand located in Tanzania, OMG Group occupies its prestigious niche in Mumbai and looks at expanding to five more states before 2020.