Ourea: A Prominent Branding & Web Development Firm Renowned For ITS Strategic Business Solutions

Anooja Bashir,Founder & CEO

Anooja Bashir

Founder & CEO

Amélange of perfect name, phrase, sign, symbol along with a plethora of other features such as team spirit and hard work that distinguishes a firm from its competitors is what we call branding. Over the years, branding has become increasingly complicated and significant. It's not just about persuading the target market to choose you over the competition, it’s also about convincing potential customers that you are the best source of a solution to their problem or demand. Ourea can help you keep up with all these branding trends because we believe in mixing the perfect shades of strategies and innovation to highlight the ‘YOU’ in your brand. Established in 2012 by Anooja Bashir, Ourea is a well-known branding and web development firm in Kochi, Kerala, offering strategic business solutions to both B2B andB2C clients. From designing logos to developing websites, Ourea is a one stop shop for all the businesses looking for opportunities to reach the top. Ourea specializes in Branding, Designing, Strategic marketing, social media management, digital marketing, Web development, and mobile and app development. As a part of additional business services, The firm also has experience in providing corporate training, mentoring, and coaching to individuals, startups and organizations. The company helps its customers in establishing massive brands and maximizing their ROI through customized marketing strategies backed up by digital tools. The company also uses sponsored social media, PPC, SEM, and digital marketing campaigns to expand the product/service's reach among a certain
audience. As a result, Ourea incorporates all marketing strategies, aided by suitable technological support, to assist its clients in achieving their business goals. Ourea’s team of experts includes professionals with expertise in a variety of fields. The Founder and CEO of Ourea, Anooja Bashir says, “Our USP lies in how we position the endeavor by first gaining a thorough grasp of its business, before adding marketing, design, and technology. And other parts to it so that it is correctly placed in the market through an inbound marketing technique, attracting potential buyers, converting them into customers, and enabling the firm to have a strong foundation and scale.

Integrating the marketing Techniques with appropriate Technical support to help our Clients reach their company Objective is what makes Ourea, a brand to rely upon!

Quality and Uniqueness are Forefront:
Ourea offers a wide range of brand and design collaterals that are created and matched with the customer's needs. These help the enterprises to persuade their target audience. One of the areas where Ourea can help startups, SMEs, SMBs, and MSMEs uncover the core cause of a problem that is inhibiting their business's growth is strategic marketing. Ourea's team strategizes and produces a unique strategic solution that solves the challenges while also introducing a new element that promotes and scales revenue for the enterprise. Ourea can turn your imagination into reality by creating visually appealing websites and web designs along with the correct alignment of content based on the specific service it provides. This assists the organization in establishing a strong market position through its digital presence. Also, Ourea is a pioneer in social media and digital marketing, supporting clients in gaining more attention as well as working on the visibility of their product/service. The firm’s impact, experience, and inspiration have proved to be an asset to over 100+ enterprises, both from the ground up and by giving established locations a facelift.The elegance of this endeavor is that the majority of its implementation took place during the pandemic. “We are constantly working to make Ourea more accessible so that any firm may rely on us to construct their organizational journey. We also intend to develop our product division, by increasing the scope of each of our verticals. We are also excited to improve our aggregator platform LIKES to assist entrepreneurs in putting their ideas into action. We also want to improve our IT service by adding new features”, concludes Anooja.