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JK Bhagat,Head of Engineering & Production

JK Bhagat

Head of Engineering & Production

Homes in the modern epoch are all about extra comfort and luxury. Similarly, beautiful, organized, and functional kitchen space is the much needed requirement of every homemaker. After all, every Indian homemaker spends most of their time in the kitchen, preparing nutritious and delicious meals for their families, so having a well organized kitchen makes their tasks easier and faster. As a result, modular kitchens have become a necessity. The modular kitchen market of India that was considered the underdog gained momentum in recent years. According to research, the Indian modular kitchen market expects to increase to a whopping $862 million by 2024, registering a CAGR of over 27 percent during 2018 -2024. Riding on the growth of the modular kitchen ecosystem since 2020, Ozo Kitchen a new initiative under Magnon India offers an endto end modular kitchen package with avantgarde accessories from leading brands, countertops, plumbing work, and electrical work at affordable pricing. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company is a one stop shop for all modular kitchen requirements, and its forte lies in offering topnotch services that include low price kitchens starting from Rs. 65,000/, durability of the kitchen, five year warranty, easy EMI options, and fastest delivery. Ozo Kitchen is the first company to assure modular kitchen delivery in 14 days in India. The process is streamlined from the time it takes the order to design to production; the entire cycle is error free.
Ozo Kitchen is the first company to assure modular kitchen delivery in 14 days in India. The process is streamlined from the time it takes the order to design to production; the entire cycle is error free. Ozo Kitchen is predominately catering to affordable segment with the kitchen ticket size from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1 lac. “As the most affordable modular kitchen in south India, there are multiple risk factors involved in providing this service to the customers. With over a decade of experience in residential interiors, Ozo kitchen has skill ful project management and an efficient manufacturing facility to mitigate those risks. By ensuring that the margin of error is almost nil right from the design board till production and installation helps in reducing the risks for both customers and Ozo Kitchen,” says JK Bhagat, Head of Engineering & Production of Ozo Kitchen.

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Success is Equal to Happy Clients
Well trained designers an excellent project management team, and a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Ozo Kitchen add up to reducing the risks involved in providing a world class modular kitchen to the customers at the most affordable prices and with minimum time for delivery. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility empowers the company to offer the best finish for any modular kitchen. Also, with the right combination of the latest design and quotation generating software’s, the experienced designer’s expertise lies in designing and estimating a kitchen within two days after site measurement. For instance, one of the prestigious clients Mr. Nirajana Murthy, came to Ozo Kitchen on short notice to have his modular kitchen done in just a week. It was a gift to his wife for her 60th birthday. Ozo Kitchen, known for its fastest delivery, took it on as a challenge and delivered it in five days. The team witnessed the joy and satisfaction of Mrs. Murthy after getting a modular kitchen done within the stipulated time frame. The couple was so pleased that they recommended Ozo Kitchen to their neighbours who had just moved into a new apartment in Prestige Falcon City. And, the company ended up doing four projects just from Mr. Murthy’s reference. “Time is a crucial factor while deciding on the interior project. Ozo kitchen promises 14 days of delivery of products after design approval which is convenient for all customers. By providing the most affordable prices with long term service and warranty, the company is helping to bridge the gap between organized and unorganized sectors. Ozo kitchen’s goal is to make the kitchen affordable to all sections of the income group and create a brand in this segment,” he concludes.