Perfect Digital Media Resources: Traditional Patron's of Holistic Superlative Publishing Services

Morgan Lyons, Director,Je Rajesh, Director
Morgan Lyons, Director

In recent years, the Indian publishing industry has undergone significant growth, making the country the sixth-largest book publishing nation globally. Perfect Digital Media Resources (PDMR), based in Chennai, has enjoyed significant growth during this period of market expansion. Recognized as one of the world’s top specialist publishing solutions providers, PDMR delivers smart solutions to fulfill clients’ content and management needs. Partnering with top-ranking publishers, universities, and non-profit societies, PMDR provides editorial support, project management, typesetting, digital publishing, and other content development services.

Offering smart solutions to fulfill clients content and management services, the company delivers uncompromised quality of service with a range of distinct editorial and project management solutions. Customized and cost-effective solutions are provided to meet the specific needs of the client. Some of the company’s most distinct services include, content development, editorial services, composition, data mining and digitization services, e-Book & e-Learning services. Besides these comprehensive offerings,
PDMR also proffers indexing services, XML - First work flow, development of responsive and wordpress websites, web systems and mobile applications, apart from handling LaTeX and e-deliverables. Course-ware development and training manual conversion for e-Learning systems as well as management of multi-lingual content across all European and Asian languages are among others.

"Offering smart-solutions to fulfill clients content and management services, PDMR delivers uncompromised quality of service with a range of distinct editorial and project management solutions"

PDMR continues to be at the forefront of service delivery in the technical publishing environment. Its vast range of clients include Academic Associations and Societies, International Commercial Publishers, STEM Authors and Government Agencies.

Organization Culture
PDMRs dedicated staff of highly trained science, technology and medical publishers and editors, combined with skilled graphic designers, typesetters and programers provide the industrial expertise to deliver our comprehensive range of high-quality services and publishing solutions. The company’s people are their biggest asset and are provided with a structured work environment combined with clearly defined work-flows ensuring optimal results. PDMR employs an internal target rating point (TRP) policy to monitor technology use, task management efficacy and employee performance.
Innovation and continuous improvement are important to PDMR and the company constantly changes and customizes traditional publishing models to suit client’s requirements, providing smart content solutions. PDMR further takes pride in vowing to engage constantly with its clients to understand their publishing goals and requirements. Moreover, with its well defined set of rules, the company measures quality parameters for each stage of the publishing process,while simultaneously training and developing the skills of its team members. Subsequently to ensure a much rewarding result and client satisfaction, PDMR continually improves and reviews all of its production and quality processes.

Je Rajesh, Director

Growth & Development
An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, since its foundation in 2003, PDMR has established itself as the preferred choice for print and digital publishing services by the world’s top publishers. Seamless integration of the latest technologies, combined with a highly skilled team of experts enable PDMR to deliver high-quality content at very competitive prices.