PR 24X7: Pioneering the Future of Regional PR in India

Atul Malikram,   FounderThe Indian PR industry is growing at a very fast pace. With increasing number of companies in the business ecosystem and many foreign corporations setting their offices in India, the need for corporate communication has increased many times. The country has witnessed the emergence of many new generation PR firms who have not only catered to the demand in the industry but also have made use of modern technology innovations in order to fulfil client requirements. However, while availing services from a PR firm, clients face some definitive problems. Only communication is not required to solve client queries. Domain experience and a sense of creativity are also required to fetch the best results out of a project. This is exactly what PR 24x7 stands for. The company has dedicated departments at every step of the PR process and acts as a one stop solution for all minds of PR related requirements of a client.

Clients often struggle with measuring the success of their PR campaigns, identifying the right target audience, managing brand reputation, and keeping up with changing media trends. “PR 24x7 agency offers solutions such as developing clear goals and metrics, using data to identify the right audience, crisis communication planning, and adapting to media changes. It also provides education to help clients understand the value of PR”, mentions Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24x7.

Operational Excellence
PR 24x7 stands out as a highly accessible and comprehensive PR agency, serving as a one-stop solution for clients with diverse PR needs. The agency's 24x7 availability offers immediate assistance to clients in times of crisis. With a broad spectrum of services, PR 24x7 provides clients with a holistic approach to their PR requirements, covering media relations, crisis management, digital marketing, and branding. As the top regional PR agency, PR 24x7 specializes in specific geographic regions, providing tailored solutions to meet clients' specific needs. The agency's in-depth knowledge of local media landscapes and strong connections with local media outlets create a competitive advantage for clients. PR 24x7's commitment to delivering measurable results is made possible by its team of experienced PR professionals, who work closely with clients to understand their unique goals and challenges.

Becoming a premier player in the Indian regional PR industry: PR 24x7's ultimate objective

The company’s media monitoring team ensures that it keeps a close eye on clients' brand reputation and industry trends, providing them with timely insights and recommendations. “Our personalized approach to PR solutions enables us to offer customized strategies that are tailored to meet our clients' specific goals and challenges. We take pride in delivering measurable results, backed by data and analytics, that help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of the PR industry, providing our clients with the latest tools and techniques to elevate their brand and reputation”, states the Founder.

Looking at the Future
As the leading regional PR agency in India for PR and communication, it is always looking for ways to enhance services and stay ahead in the dynamic media industry. It is currently exploring avenues to expand offerings in digital and social media, as well as influencer marketing, to better cater to clients' needs. “Our company is deeply committed to continually innovating and upgrading our services portfolio, so that we can deliver the most impactful and advanced PR solutions possible. Our ultimate objective is to become a one-stop-shop for all PR needs and establish ourselves as a premier player in the Indian regional PR industry”, concludes the Founder.