PR 360: Changing the Game in Regional PR

Hari Sankar B,  Founder & CEO

Hari Sankar B

Founder & CEO

In recent years, the PR industry has undergone a significant transformation, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that prioritize regional and digital PR are gaining a competitive edge and connecting with target audiences in more meaningful ways than ever before.

As businesses adapt to a new market reality, which is hyper regional, the regional PR industry has emerged as a powerful tool for companies looking to connect with customers in a more targeted and regional specific way. Established in 2020, PR 360 is an emerging PR agency based out in Kochi, Kerala that has extensive experience and expertise in the regional market and is specialized in creating market driven strategies and content that help businesses grow and succeed.

As the name denotes, PR 360 have a 360-degree approach towards the work they do. Rather than achieving the requirements of the clients, the agency acts as their consultants. “We propose tailor-made ideas to each client, suggesting unique approaches that suit the client's specific needs and goals. We use data driven insights and in depth research to create effective communication strategies that resonate with our client's target audiences. The company follows an integrated approach that ensures continuous innovation in strategy building, campaign planning, nurturing its established media relations, and effective integration of both

traditional and digital media platforms,” says Hari Sankar B, Founder & CEO at PR 360.

Growing with Diverse Clientele
PR 360 has come a long way from serving a diverse range of clients, including startups, and international, national, and regional brands. The agency caters to providing tailored solutions for brands of all sizes and across a variety of industries.

PR 360 plays a critical role in creating awareness and educating startups about the potential benefits of PR. The agency acts as a consultant to the client's goodwill, helping them in scaling their business and sustain ability. This involves exploring new markets, investing in research and development, and being open to new ideas and approaches.

PR 360's approach to ensuring the quality of services is unique because it is proactive, focused on bringing quality deliverables & emphasizes personalized attention to each client

Also, the agency's expertise in varied sectors such as Political and Election Campaigns, Movies and Entertainment, and Personal Branding and Image Management has enabled it to establish a prominent position in the market place.

PR 360's approach to ensuring the quality of services is unique because it is proactive, focused on bringing quality deliverables, and emphasizes personalized attention to each client.

Blending Expertise & Teamwork
PR 360 has a team of experienced professionals who work closely with its clients to understand their specific goals and then develop customized PR strategies accordingly to help them achieve success. The agency believes in the "Less is more" concept. Despite having a handful of team members, the agency possesses a wealth of expertise that has helped the firm to grow in a short amount of time. The team at PR 360 is full of zeal and is always focused on creating a realtime measurable impact on a client’s business through breakthrough ideas and diligent efforts.

According to Statista, the global PR industry will be worth more than 129 billion dollars by 2025. Keeping that in mind, PR 360 is looking forward to deepening its understanding of the regional markets and making the most out of this opportunity. This could involve expanding a comprehensive range of their niche services and enhancing their innovative PR aspects to other parts of South India and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region in the coming years.