ProntoSys: The Digital Experts Helping Global Businesses In Digitalization

Vijit Tyagi, CEO, Gaurav Gaur, CMO,Sunil Rongte, Chief Sales officer, Gargi Tyagi, Chief Operating Officer

Vijit Tyagi, CEO, Gaurav Gaur, CMO

Sunil Rongte, Chief Sales officer, Gargi Tyagi, Chief Operating Officer

Visual Storytelling is one step up in the digital marketing game, and businesses across all industries are catching up with this trend by creating the best content that would help engage and relate with the target audience. The digital marketing agencies are the distinctive players in the zone that keep abreast with the changing trends and provide the best solutions to their clients that fit into their marketing gambit. Started in 2016, ProntoSys is a young digital marketing studio helping businesses achieve their business goals on their digital platforms.

Gaurav Gaur, CMO
The thought behind ProntoSys was to minimize the gap between the service provider and the service acquirer with customized solutions. Founder Vijit Tyagi believes in delivering through a team that will offer the best inbound lead generation strategies to businesses worldwide. The team at ProntoSys specializes in Visual storytelling and creating relatable campaigns for the marketing domain. It caters its services on all social media platforms for extended client outreach.

ProntoSys witnessed an absence of mindfulness and exposure in the digital marketing industry. The thought was to expose the digital marketing sense, the right content approach, and the imagination of the appropriate social media campaigns worldwide. There was a huge difference between promises and delivery, and an appropriate rectification was needed. ProntoSys stands apart from the crowd because it believes in enhancing a brand's ROI while setting the aesthetics right and
keeping the content relevant to the target audience. It helps businesses gain the relevant spotlight with the help of social media tools and techniques.

Ideating, Creating & Engaging
The company categorizes its services under the heads of Ideating, Creating & Engaging. Under ideating, it provides - Web Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development. Under creating, it provides - SEO Ranking, Social media optimization, Google Local listing, Google Ads. Under engaging, it means – Creating informative yet fun content, creating lively social media campaigns, and more.

Sunil Rongte, Chief Sales officer
The company has the potential to cater to any brand, irrelevant of the size. It dedicatedly works for its clients by offering them the best return on investment. Be it providing SEO services to a flower vendor or a financial institution, ProntoSys has catered to a variety of clients throughout its journey.

Gargi Tyagi, Chief Operating Officer
Juggling Aesthetics & Analytics Together
The team at ProntoSys works towards the unified goal of the organization. The team engages with the clients to understand their pain points and customizes the strategy accordingly. The company ensures transparency in the process and doesn’t believe in outsourcing the job to inexperienced hands. ProntoSys has a young team of creative enthusiasts who thrive on delivering their best. The team stays motivated and enthused by their peers. CMO Gaurav Gaur, Chief Sales Officer Sunil Rongte, and Chief Operating Officer Gargi Tyagi guide the respective teams with their expertise.

The thought behind prontoSys was to minimize the gap between the service provider and the service acquirer with customized solutions

ProntoSys plans to expand globally by keeping up with the global trends in digital marketing. The goal set for the team is to build a good clientele base. Already having offices in UAE, UK, and India, it is now planning to set up offices in Singapore, Australia, and other parts of the world. Along with the expansion plans, it aspires to become a leader in the digital market space.