Reverse Thought: End to End Digital Marketing

Sunidhi Garg & Tushar Garg, ,Creative Directors
Sunidhi Garg & Tushar Garg,
Creative Directors

Technology has brought about significant changes to the marketing industry over this decade. The influx of continuous innovations is taking the whole business ecosystem forward with every passing day. Digital marketing has gained much importance for marketers owing to the limitless possibilities it provides. Reverse Thought was born out of Tushar and Sunidhi Garg's desire and vision to provide cutting edge digital services to the industry. “Tushar was already in the creative field. He worked as a Creative Director in a couple of agencies and then moved onto managerial operations. He also had his own-brand called, where he did lots of interesting work in the web design space at that time. So, we decided to branch out on our own and wanted to give it a more professional outlook with a vision of creating a digital agency,” says Sunidhi.
Handling the High Tides

The road towards acceptance and popularity is covered with time and dedication. Tushar being a veteran was efficiently accustomed with whats and whys of the marketing industry in terms of creative design and outlook. On the other hand, Sunidhi from her past work experiences was aware of the management of clients. The two experiences joined hands to conceive Reverse Thought and provide digital marketing services in a more advanced and systematic way.

“We've always had a growing client base because our work would get picked up and showcased on top online galleries. Through these galleries, we'd receive attention and clientele which we were able to retain for years. The fact that our clients understood the value of a good digital presence helped us tremendously" asserts Tushar.

What’s on the Platter?

Reverse Thought is a creative digital agency that provides end to end services in design and development of web & mobile apps, digital marketing, video production, print and branding. These services are delivered with the utmost creativity and cutting edge technology. The company believes in working from the end customer's point of view and therefore lays great emphasis on developing an understanding of the market and consumer behaviour. It delves deep into understanding the working of the client's industry and diving into their objectives for a complete alignment.
Sunidhi states, “Research is an important part of what we do. We offer perfection in the way we execute things and also in terms of the content that we develop. Bringing about a balance between these things is of prior importance to us.”

Reverse Thought has worked for companies like ICICI Prudential, Tata, Alkem, Sun Pharma and Welspun India Home Textiles among several others

Until now and what’s to Come?

Initially, a majority of Reverse Thought's clients were based out of India, and the company had a strong base in the US, UK, and European markets. They have successfully worked for some of the most popular FMCG & breweries in Europe. Reverse Thought was also the developer partner for a beer brand's campaign for the FIFA world cup 2010, which was a milestone in their journey over the years. As the Indian market grew for the company, they worked with leading organisations like ICICI Prudential, Tata, Alkem, Sun Pharma, The United Nations and Welspun among several others. Going forward, the company plans to set up offices in other emerging cities in India.