SEOEaze: Harnessing the Potential of SEO to meet Customers' Organic Search Aims

Ankit Pandey,Co-Founder

Ankit Pandey


In today’s scenario when people have beliefs and disbeliefs about everything they see, it is undoubtedly a herculean task to simply acquire the target audience. With consumers of all ages and all walks of life using the Internet to research products online, to shop online, and to even engage with others via social media, it is the need of the hour for businesses to rank higher in organic search results. This is where SEOEaze comes into picture. With more than eight years’ expertise, SEOEaze is recognized for its Specialization in offering dedicated SEO solutions like link building service, PPC, content writing and SMO;for its targeted, result oriented, customized and affordable Optimal Solutions and Excellent customer support.

With a vision to launch its client’s business and land it amongst the top of major search engines, SEOEaze has stepped ahead to offer a wide range of services that includes Online Marketing services, Social Media Marketing, PPC Marketing, Link
Building Services, Web Design and Development and more. “When we started our company in 2009, we had our main focus on the US market as at that time, there was not much scope in India and the E-commerce companies were just starting to set their foot online. But the scenario has changed now. As Indian companies have ventured in online marketing sector, they have experienced a growth and so, with the success of these online businesses, now people have started demanding inbound marketing services,” tells Ankit Pandey, Co-Founder, SEOEaze.

Today, SEOEaze ranks within first five positions for most important SEO keyword ‘SEO Packages’ and other relevant keywords on Google, whichis one of the most selling service where the firm manages more than 200 monthly SEO plans for its customers. “We are very upfront with our clients and don’t make any unrealistic promises, we start with complete site audit and implement the necessary changes first. At SEOEaze, we believe in getting natural links for our clients so mostly we get backlinks with content marketing. Every site we select for gaining links is audited by our team before we start the process of getting the links. With this, we ensure that our clients are getting safe backlinks. Our clients may get bit slower boost in rankings but we ensure that it’s safe and long lasting,” shares Priyanka Gogia, Co-Founder at SEOEaze.

In today’s cut throat competition
within the digital arena, it is essential to keep the services a bit different than others so that one can retain its customers and attract new clients. Keeping this in view, SEOEaze keeps on adding extra services /features with very competitive pricing along with a user friendly site and a secure payment gateway which gives the firm an edge over its competitors. “At SEOEaze, we believe in evolving with time and thus we incorporate latest updates and try to implement the right SEO and SMO techniques in our services so that we can offer desired results to our clients. This behaviour to change and adapt as per the present requirement is what has kept us going,” says Ankit.

With new trends and updates coming every now and then, it has been a journey full of ups and downs for SEOEaze;fortunately, the firm dealt with all the challenges sportingly which has eventually contributed towards the successful of the company. Crediting the success of the firm to its employees, in the years to come SEOEaze wishes to get an entire designing team on boards. Also, the firm is hiring fresh talent that can cope up with the latest trends of the industry and can contribute to the overall productivity of the company. SEOEaze also plans to take part in the SEO and Affiliate Marketing summits, conferences time and again so that its employees can increase their knowledge and connect with other marketers and industry experts.