Socialctr Solutions: A Unified Agency that Develops Effective Social & Content Strategies For The Clients

Abhishek Aditya Sharma,   CEOTraditional marketing is geographically constrained, and developing a worldwide marketing plan may be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Targeting a specific audience with technologically based initiatives is known as digital marketing. The value of digital marketing is growing along with our usage of technology. Selling the best product online is no longer a sure fire way to achieve success or even get noticed by target market. Today, a company's success is based on its capacity to reach its target audience through a number of digital channels. Social networks enable information transfer in seconds and ensure that customers know the company's goods and services as soon as possible. SOCIALCTR Solutions, a non-group company founded in 2014, specializes in comprehensive digital marketing and advertising services, allowing businesses to set creative and effective strategic lead-generation goals. Its best conversion rate optimization techniques will help enterprises to capitalize on opportunities and significantly increase their customer base.

"In most companies, one must follow certain protocols to complete a task and work under the pressure of management, but in SOCIALCTR solutions, no one works for management; everyone collaborates with them on the same level. So that we have a clear open door policy, anyone can walk in, every team member has their mind and whatever clients they get, every team
member pays equal attention to all the clients they have, and we don't differentiate clients based on money. For us, all clients are on the same level, and everyone is free to experiment and generate results for the client until they are producing good results for the client", states Abhishek Sharma, Founder of SOCIALCTR solutions.

A One-stop Agency for All Marketing Initiatives
As a marketing and advertising agency, the company leverages its value proposition to create a powerful emotional connection between brands and their target audiences. Web design and development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, Google ads, paid ads, and partners with Google, Facebook, HubSpot and SEMrush are some of the digital services available. The agency also has a fantastic UI/UX design team, search engine optimization and application development. The company also provides banner design, holding design, and print services for corporations' print items such as T-shirts, mugs, and other stuff. Recently, the agency worked on a small project involving 100 thousand bags for Jumeirah Group hotels.

Furthermore, the company has collaborated with many more prominent industry players, including BMW in the Canada, the Czar group, the Royal asthetic group of the UAE, Lafarge holcim, and others. Essentially, the agency goes ahead and bids on projects from large companies in the industry and wins them; as an individual agency, it fulfills all of the marketing needs of its client. The agency resolves the companies' pain point by enhancing their performance by 400 percent than their previous agency. Through its organic outreach, the company has generated sales in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for its Pro brand. "Czar Holdings are a business services provider based in the UAE. Previously, they were not generating enough leads, but the size of the leads has increased with us over the last year, and the conversion ratio has increased from 15 to 16 to 350 percent", Abhishek adds.

Besides that, the agency's goal is to generate at least $10 to $15 million per year. The company has its operations in the UAE (Dubai), US (Delaware), India (Delhi), Canada (Toronto) and Australia (Brisbane). The company also intends to launch in two to three GCC(gulf corporation council) countries, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with Saudi coming on the first ring, followed by Oman.

The company has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years, including Best SEO agency, one of the top ten best marketing agencies in India and the UAE, top affiliated agencies awarded by World Marketing Congress, TOP 50 STRATEGISTS sought after by World Marketing Congress, and many more.