Synclarity: Delivering Engaging Content and Technology Solutions to Grow Your Business

Jaljeet Ajani,  Creative Director

Jaljeet Ajani

Creative Director

Technology has changed the way we do business. Traditional marketing tactics such as cold calls or interruptive ads don't work anymore. The average customer today is a lot more tech-savvy and has easy access to information that can help them make an educated buying decision. Therefore, customers prefer to give their business to someone who understands their needs and provides optimal solutions. In other words, businesses need to provide relevant information to the customers at various touch points so as to build trust and prove their competence.

Synclarity, a Mumbai based inbound digital services agency, delivers engaging content and technology solutions for B2B businesses worldwide.A growth driven inbound marketing agency, Synclarity offers a wide range of holistic services like Marketing Automation, Growth Driven Website Design, Video Marketing, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization,Email Marketing, and Conversion rate optimization, Social Media Management/ Marketing, Conversational Bots,
Marketing, Conversational Bots, Paid Ads, PPC, Ad words, Sales Enablement, CRM Implementation and many more.

Synclarity is adaptable to the everchanging needs of consumers in the digital landscape. With its team of strategists, designers, technologists and digital marketers who bring vibrant creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table, Synclarity is continuously striving to help businesses grow.

Synclarity is currently working on multiple tech solutions and apps for the businesses, along with Conversational chatbots that provide a more personalized chat experience to customers while they interact with brands

The company believes in keeping the processes and solutions simple making them clear, executable and understandable for everyone. “We are a group of dreamers and believers. We believe in our people and are working towards building a company where every day is worth celebrating. We get excited by ideas and our imaginations are ignited by new challenges,” says Amjad Desai, Founder, Synclarity.

What sets apart the firm is the fact that it values relations and people over profits. Success for Synclarity is measured in positive
experiences. “We’re 100 percent outcome oriented, backed by data, and ready to break down obstacles to provide scalable growth and success. We’re hungry to take on the hardest problems to get better at what we do every day,” added Jaljeet Ajani, Founder, Synclarity. Having served clients like Vamaship (Tech), Joy Films(Media), Bidaya Media(media), Grapheast (Software), MK Sounds (Software/ Hardware), Cogoport (Logistics) to name a few, Synclarity approaches every challenge with an exploratory mindset. “We don’t have easy, pre-written answers to our client’s questions. Yet, we at Synclarity have a constantly evolving, highly rigorous, and interdisciplinary framework for solving problems and it works, because we hire folks who know a lot, and grow a lot,” added Amjad.

Synclarity is currently working on multiple tech solutions and Conversational chatbots that provide a more personalized chat experience to customers while they interact with brands. We started as a two person agency and have now become a HubSpot Agency Partner having a team of more than 20 professionals who are focused towards helping businesses grow digitally. “The future is wide open with a lot of opportunities such as Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Interactive Technology and more. We have just begun not even scratched the surface. The B2B space is very interesting as generally businesses are growth oriented and we are excited about the kind of value we can bring to them,” signs off Jaljeet.