This Side Up: Helping Brands Find Success in New Digital Space

Saura Panigrahi,FounderIn a world where the digital presence is booming, every business be it a startup or SMB enterprise needs to build a strong online presence. Along with that an end-to-end transformation is equally essential for organi zations to survive the cut throat competition. Today we see several organizations that aim to deliver results oriented brand marketing campaigns to increase awareness, improve sales & foster growth. This Side Up Brand Studio promises to make sure that every business has an evolved presence that resonates with its end users.

Established in 2010, This Side Up Brand Studio has a client base in India and overseas including in UK, USA, Australia, and Europe. Located in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, the organization is into Communication Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public relations, Exhibition, and Brand Activation. One of the top brand consulting agencies, This Side Up Brand Studio delivers a wide range of customi zations to meet the requirements of their clients. As a digital and creative communication agency the company
focuses on providing solutions for corporates, startups and professionals.

Strategy being their core strength, This Side Up crafts customized approaches for clients to transform the integral potential in brands and bring in measurable results. The firm has worked with some of the best clients like the IITs and IIMs, and handled every aspect of their digital marketing. Their team approaches work by exploring various factors influencing the brand's relationship with the people. Saura Panigrahi, Founder, This Side Up Brand Studio, says, "We convert people's plans into results through innovative ideas, cutting edge graphics, and sharp messaging by creating experiences that have the potential to build great brands".

This Side Up craftscustomized approaches for clients to transform the integral potential in brands and bring in measurable results.

Throughout the process, the team works to help clients identify, develop and deliver the most valuable and convenient digital experiences. It helps in creating actual business returns. "We transform brands by creating an actionable program that is modular, achievable, and yields measurable results," adds Saura. The firm also believes that visual thinking can help brands succeed in the new digital marketing space. Marketers should not shy away from the decision to build a visual brand experience at any cost, even if they have to build it from the scratch. A visual ‘edge' over its competition not only cuts the clutter but also better equips the brand to adapt to the new normal. Shifting to a digital space has made it easier for brands to grab the attention of their prospects. "Digital space is no wonderland that everybody wants us to believe. Rather it is cluttered, ambiguous and has no thumb rules to sail through. Every business needs an expert who can understand the brand and target audience better than others,"quotes SauraPanigrahi.To enhance productivity, the organization focuses not just on strategy but also, Analytics,Creative, Development, Digital Marketing, and PR. Every brand evolves and with the growing competition, it needs metamorphic ideas to trigger the evolution process. Keeping that in mind the company strives to keep the tempo going.