THYNKK: Elevating Your Branding Experience through Promising Trends

Ithayathulla  Founder,    Feroz Usman  Founder

Ithayathulla, Founder

Every entrepreneur understands how crucial advertising is to the success and growth of their company. The need of the hour for businesses is to show the creative aspect of the brand to the world and let the audiences know what makes the brand different. Without creativity and a proper purpose, even the best businesses won’t survive for long. The business of advertising can be overwhelming as well as mysterious for business leaders, and this is why a full-service advertising agency plays an important role. Creative ad agencies that offer a range of services are able to handle every facet of planning and implementing an advertising campaign, leaving business leaders to concentrate on running and growing the company.

One such globally recognized vibrant creative design agency is Chennai based THYNKK which executes digital marketing service, web design and development, e-commerce, mobile app, branding, and other services for its clients. The journey of THYNKK dates back to 2016 when three friends decided to combine multiple disciplines with years of experience to offer creative design services. It all started with a simple investment of
three laptops and a meagre 20k however over the years, hard work paid off and the company now has carved a niche for it in the market. “Since the very beginning, we bet on the highest quality of the offered services. As a result, we were spotted and invited to cooperation with the largest companies in India and abroad. Today, we provide business services in 7 countries around the world,” speaks Ithayathulla A, Founder.

"THYNKK works with a wide range of clients that ranges from individuals and startups to established brands, companies, and organizations"

While for the standard traditional marketing business, people spend more money in the marketing and advertisement section, the results are quite unsatisfactory. It does not even reach to the targeted audiences at times. THYNKK ensures fool proof marketing and advertising strategies designed based on the clients’ needs. The marketing concept developed at THYNKK involves five steps that include determining the target audiences, creating awareness, developing curiosity among the audiences, scrutinizing the sales and most importantly following up with them. The company houses a team of professional digital marketing executives who work on improving ROI for businesses. In fact, it combines good design, simple usability, solid development, and smart technology to achieve great results.

Currently having offices in the USA (California), Dubai (Al-Qusais), and India (Chennai), the company offers digital marketing services, website and e-Commerce
application, automation software, mobile applications, graphics design, branding & photography services to across all levels of business. The team led by Feroz Usman, Ithayathulla, Kavin and Richard Uene at THYNKK leaves no stone unturned to craft detailed designs that can elevate the branding of business and represent it in a meaningful way. “Mastering social media marketing is no big a deal, however, implanting them to gel with your brand voice is. To maintain the same brand presence across all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or even YouTube requires some finesse. Through custom made campaigns and effective social media strategies, we help your brand hit the goldmine,” he asserts.

Feroz Usman, Founder

THYNKK works with a wide range of clients that ranges from individuals and startups to established brands, companies, and organizations. Ithayathulla mentions, “We have built relationships with some of the leading providers who are able to offer the best services to complement and extend our works.”