Transfunnel Consulting: Offering End to End Marketing Automation Support

Kapil Arora, Director

Kapil Arora


From an established firm to a newly started venture, every owner knows that wearing a lot of hats is how you keep your business into the race. However, the major hurdle is that in a day of just 24 hours, managing business, customers, marketing, production, financials and other operations on the list together can be a recipe for disaster. Automating sales and marketing processes within an organization is not just a way to overcome limitations of time, but it can also allow a company to concentrate on other major areas that contribute to the overall revenue of the firm. Realizing this early on, Kapil Arora, an industry veteran with hands-on expertise in automated marketing industry paved his way into the Indian market and established TransFunnel Consulting - a leading Marketing Automation Consulting firm offering End to End Implementation, Deployment and Life-cycle support.

Recognized as the Hubspot Gold Partner in India, TransFunnel Consulting is setting a niche with its
unique offerings that include Marketo Consulting, Hubspot Consulting, Leadsquared Consulting, Salesforce Consulting, Marketing Automation Consulting, B2B Marketing for Growth, Mobile Marketing, Executive Training For Automation and other Value Added Services. An expert in its domain, TransFunnel offers end-to-end marketing automation consultancy services that help streamline and simplify a client’s inbound marketing efforts. “The very tools that offer you the leverage of easy marketing also require a lot of effort when it comes to integration and implementation. It is here that TransFunnel comes into picture. We offer our expert consultancy services and help in implementation of such tools, thus making our customer’s marketing efforts a success. Our skilled team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to assisting our customers in using intelligent marketing technology to develop a customer pool, drive sales, and create a strong, loyal customer base. At TransFunnel, we firmly believe that for a business to excel, it is essential to keep the customers hooked on to your brand and updated on your activities, and marketing automation tools help in achieving this purpose,” says Kapil Arora, Director, TransFunnel Consulting

Being Gold partner for Hubspot in India justifies the capabilities of Transfunnel in the Indian market which has eventually led to people trusting the firm with its capabilities of inbound marketing as well as automation. “At Transfunnel, we
provide customized marketing solutions after deep-diving into customer’s business requirements and match it with the tools on-board. Once a client chooses the tools most relevant to their marketing needs, we help in integrating and implementing it in a way that guarantees the expected ROI. This not just makes our customers happy but also takes us to the referral side of it and they refer us to other customers. Today, 80 percent of our business is from referral marketing that is because we are Gold Hubspot partner in India and we are amongst the best in inbound marketing,” mentions Kapil.

Starting the firm as a one person business, today, Kapil’s Transfunnel Consulting is a powerhouse of 25 highly accomplished and experienced individuals who are continuously striving to provide the services which are equivalent to any high-end service provider. Having served a wide range of customers across various industrial domains like Fashion, eCommerce, Real Estate, IT and education, and automation, Kapil says, “We believe in being transparent to our customers. If we can deliver it, we promise it; if we cannot deliver it, we do not mention it and once we pick up, we make sure we meet our customers’ expectations.” With 80 percent of its customers based out in US, Europe, Australia, Singapore and UAE, in the years to come Transfunnel is aspiring to spread its wings across international markets, starting from setting up base in US and Europe within next one year.