Vision Upliftment Academy: Cultivating Creative Senses of the Students

Nisha Mallick,Founder & CEO

Nisha Mallick

Founder & CEO

Today's volatile market needs constant upgrading, even for professionals. But with the huge gap that persists between the skills available and skills needed, the aspiring professionals fail to land a job. On the other hand, even experienced professionals struggle to catch up with the changing market dynamics, which require them to keep upgrading. While money and time are the prime factors that hinder professionals to be industry-ready, Nisha Mallick through her digital marketing training institute Vision Upliftment Academy is uplifting the life and career of students and professionals through affordable and online courses.

Under Nisha's aegis, the institute focuses on cultivating creative senses of its students by providing complete live classroom training to industry executives, students, working professionals and entrepreneurs. "Our teaching methodology is very interactive and practical, with focus on practical learning (96 percent of the curriculum), which helps our students gain in-depth knowledge about the subject and the industry. We strongly believe in quality," asserts Nisha. Unlike other institutes, Vision Upliftment Academy also trains its students to manage time and finance ­ the two critical components of a successful professional.
Vision Upliftment Academy's digital marketing course assiduously covers over 24 modules of digital marketing, which include digital marketing training, SEO, social media marketing, apart from web designing and cyber security, all at an affordable price. Alongside, the institute also provides free internship programs to make individuals ready to walk out in the industry with great career oriented knowledge. Keeping its teaching methods very clear and simple, and always updated with the latest technologies, tricks and tools, Vision Upliftment Academy even mentors students to either land a job, or become an entrepreneur. "We try to not only place them but even make them freelancers or an entrepreneur for their brighter future with zero investment," asserts Nisha.

Our teaching methodology is very interactive and practical, with focus on practical learning

For instance, one of Nisha's students, Arumina De Chaudhuri, who worked in a reputed IT company as a Business Development Executive when realized that her hard work wasn't recognised and rewarded well, she turned towards Nisha to guide her the way forward. Post consulting her, Arunima quit her job and patiently kept working on her own business. Under the seer guidance of Nisha, today Arunima is a proud entrepreneur running her own company Stavtec Technologies catering to global clients.

Coming Together to Create Talent
Team Vision Upliftment Academy comprises of some of the most experienced trainers and mentors from digital marketing and sales background, which is why the institute provides such cutting-edge training to its students. Nisha herself is a digital marketing aficionado certified by Google and HubSpot. She holds an in-depth knowledge on content writing, and guides every student to pave their road to success. She has carefully assigned separate mentors to different courses, holding great knowledge and experience in their field, to help guide and support each student with their career oriented training.

"It is undeniable that we are witnessing the rise of knowledge society ­ a society which privileges knowledge, leads to the integration of the economies of the world, and makes the nations of the world interconnected and interdependent," Nisha shares her thought. Hence she has built Vision Upliftment Academy as a strong pillar that is always up for the challenges and changes along with the time and pace.