VRTeleMarketers: Forerunners of Business-Booms, Where Business Dreams turn to Reality

Raj Kanjolia,CEO
Raj Kanjolia,CEO

Considering the fact that telemarketers have the advantage of a direct-reach to end-customers, telemarketing becomes the most promising method of broadening a business’prospects. Moreover,India stands as a leading hub on the global telemarketing scale, bagging whopping $710 million revenue. Despite this, several budding business platforms crash due to the emergence of loopholes in the industry resulting from a dearth of professionalism and expertise on the part of their telemarketing cohorts. Countering this issue with passion to assist burgeoning business-booms, excellent proficiency and skillful know-how is VRTeleMarketers(VRTM), a sister-initiation of the 2011-established Call2Customer(C2C) telemarketing service company. Thriving under the headship of Raj Kanojia (CEO, VRTM),the firm leverages experiences garnered over the years in handling challenging projects to proffer distinguished inbound/outbound call-center services, besides the obvious that simultaneously include telemarketing,anchoring telesales, cold-calling, lead-generation services, appointment-setting, customerprofiling, database mining and market-research. The lists of services further go on to offer customer survey, virtual assistance and telephonic fund-raising.

RTM specializes in core telemarketing services while accommodating professional staffs who deliver the required expertise with thorough technological framework. Moreover strategizing customized services with reliable and achievable action-plans for each client, VRTM is committed to services that guarantee transparent pricing structures, placing client’s objectives on priority while planning and executing each project. Allowing no forfeit on quality, VRTM is one among the very few in India to install track log systems for recording every call, further operating on the most advanced technology, with cloud-based interfaces providing its clients with real-time experiences.

Maneuvering a comprehensive
approach towards safe guardingclient data,the company engages in installing robust security systems for preventing information-leakage. Also ensuring uninterrupted services, VRTM has installed automatic back-up for power and internet in order to save time and stay on track with the progress of work, additionally capacitating a back-up of human resources and offices. Such is the allegiance of VRTM in aiding budding-businesses and established organizations to flourish in terms of growth and audience outreach.

"Maneuvering a comprehensive approach towards safeguarding client data, VRTM engages in installing robust security systems for preventing information-leakage"

Efficient Human-Resources& Tech-Savvy Assistance
Inspired by clients’ visions and aspirations and armed with veteran national and international staff, VRTM holds the advantage of capacitating renowned global presence ranging from experts, market analysts and call-center representatives,to IT experts and more. Housing state-of-the-art technology like predictive dialers and virtual receptionists, the company proffers time-saving services additionally where no call goes unattended, thereby proffering 100 percent service response. Moreover, to ensure smooth functioning of business, the company facilitates contact-center services apart from telemarketing services.

Further, Omni-channel Solutions enable clients to develop stronger relations with their customers, while avatar dialers, manuals/progressive dialers deliver time-saving services based on client-requirements. The exclusive virtual-assistant further abets smaller businesses to streamline business needs during or after closing hours by professionally answering and routing every call, thus making the process of attending to customer needs convenient. VRTM is a tech-savvy enthusiast that stays ever-diligent to deliver the best thus empowering its clients.

Mainstream Services and Branched Outlooks
Raj states,“Most businesses start as small set-ups and stay there because of lack of marker knowledge. Turning a small business into a booming one is never easy; it requires strategy and awareness”. Truly living upto this,VRTM propels budding businesses, from marketing to
searching their own markets.It educates them on current technologies and market trends, as well as equips them with necessary skills and know-how, thereby eliminating the risk of dissolving the business. Furthermore, VRTM aids a business in determining its position in the market in comparison to the competitor and enables the business to thrive on only the best marketing-mediums. Competent strategies are outlined before implementation to guarantee maximum ROI, and a thorough market-analysis is done to estimate its size and competitor status. Market research further enables the assessment of economic factors prior to the expansion orlaunchof client’s products /services.

Moreover,every aspect of the client’s project is catered to,with economical solutions matching client’s needs, and a transparent billing-system to fulfill their business purpose. While the staff effectively executes services of appointment-setting and customer profiling, they also assist the clients in finding the right opportunities in the market while the cold-callers in the staff help boost the clients’ customer acquisition and customer retention.

C2C umbrellas another establishment called VCare Customers(VCC) is a standalone that deals exclusively with inbound calling services. These services include customer service /customer care for business support, billing, customers handling and Tier1 technical support. With the right acumen to discern the competitive nature of diverse industries,VRTM stands apart from its sister concern- C2C. Additionally,a parallel establishment- English Call Center delivers Multilanguage support services for inbound/outbound need-based calls.

Key Management:
Raj Kanojia,CEO
Raj is responsible for creating and framing an entire business model for client’s His leadership has influenced VRtele marketers’growth with over 95 percent success rate in client retention.Equipped with prior work experience on online product development, online business development, and general management,he is considered to be one of the rising leaders of the Indian BPO industry.

Office: New Delhi