Windsor Digital: Extending Horizon Of The Outreach Of Your Products And Services To Infinity

Rakesh Saraf,Director

Rakesh Saraf


Digital marketing and advertising is the way forward for many businesses worldwide and has been synonymous with business success, given the integration of numerous internet-based platforms and electronic media for promoting several brands, goods, and services. Rapid digitization across several industry verticals, along with the growing focus of several organizations on expanding their consumer reach, is bolstering the demand for digital marketing software. for analyzing consumer behavior and preferences, and its cost-efficiency and ability to reach mass audiences is further propelling the market. Digital is the way forward for both B2B and B2C businesses, wherein, India is one such country that has a great deal of potential to grow and amongst all the marketing mediums.

However, along with the positive effects, digital marketing also comes with numerous challenges, from making a brand stand out in the volumes available on the internet, driving relevant traffic to the website, targeting the right audience effectively, to structured lead generation using social media, optimizing ROI and keeping up with the changing trends, among others. Hence, businesses must partner themselves with a perfect vendor who can overcome every aforementioned hurdle and drive its growth bandwagon.

Coming to the fore, Windsor Digital is a creative marketing and advertising agency which adheres to the principles of brand building and advertising. Since its inception, the company has been consistent in its operations to help clients build their business to its optimum. In doing so, the company has been offering complete services to provide simple but comprehensive solutions for a brand. They have been working as marketing partners for brands and helping them in the field of brand strategy, content, design and tech, video production, and media planning and buying. Windsor Digital, as a partner, helps brands to analyze their current position in the market, challenges they are currently facing, define a strategy for them, create a marketing plan using the right digital platforms and handle all the marketing campaigns for them.

"We help them understand why a certain platform or tool is important for their business, where they are supposed to be and how they can improve their visibility in the vast online clutter. It is part of our job to not just help our clients but also help them understand what is beneficial for them, where they should invest their money and how it will reap benefits for them," explains Rakesh Saraf, Director, Windsor Digital.

"Our vision and mission is to create brand legacies and help businesses leave a mark in the minds of people. The strategy that we use has always been to stay ahead of the curve with unique ideas, creative design and content and robust performance to execute those ideas. The first step is to understand our client and their business, the second step is to strategize, plan and execute ideas that will get them a good ROI. With the growing scope of this industry, there is room to stand out and create a mark. We have expertise in fast moving consumer goods, automotive, BFSI, education, real estate, B2B, healthcare, IT, and entertainment," highlights Sony Kunwar, Sr. Vice President, Windsor Digital.

Approach that is simple but outcome driven
The first and foremost thing that Windsor Digital delves in is a thorough research of the company's background and objectives. "We start with learning from clients about their business, background and their objectives. We then do a thorough market and competitor analysis. We invest a great deal of time and effort doing extensive research and know whatever we need to about our client's product/services. We understand our clients' businesses, their vision for the brand and what they stand for," affirms Rakesh. Thereafter, once they understand the brand, they try to create a customized and unique strategy as per the client's requirements. This helps the brand capture their audience and the audience also connects with them easily.
"Our strategy helps build connections and promotes the brand in order to generate ROI. We invest in the right communication and content strategy in our creatives and content for websites, social media and video production," he adds. And lastly, a great idea will not work until it is executed in a smart and efficient manner, Windsor's team develops robust media and marketing plans to help generate the best possible ROI for the brand. The company ensures a positive outcome, as their services such as social media marketing, media buying and planning and ad spends are performed by experienced industry experts to create greater impact.

Offering every marketing solution under one roof
"We make a brand as visible as possible on all leading search engines, social media platforms, and email inboxes through organic content creation, paid advertising, and videos. Our services are part of our strategy because we do not offer off-the-shelf services. Our services include, business and brand consulting, branding and identity creation, brand and campaign planning, social media, Influencer marketing, and blog marketing, among others," signifies Rakesh. And when it comes to design and tech, the company also helps in developing best-in-standard UI/UX, websites, and other related ecommerce solutions. Moreover, they also offer brand and corporate film, product photography, and event coverage.

Sony Kunwar, Senior Vice President

Adding to all of it, they also do media planning and buying, performance marketing, search engine optimization, and online reputation management.

Staying abreast of advancing technology trends
Digital technology has been expanding at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Advances in Machine Learning (AML) are at the forefront and it helps advertisers and marketers to drive more revenue, make smarter decisions, and increase customer acquisition. Another impressive and growing technology that has been a breakthrough is Augmented Reality (AR). All this has given amazing results to industries like real-estate, travel and tourism and has opened the doors to completely unique, customized, shopping, experiences for consumers. Speaking of which, Windsor Digital is highly invested in these technologies to deliver quality results faster. We use AI-driven, data-driven, and analytics tools for our services like SEO, paid media, social media management, video production and promotion, and website development.

Windsor digital is a creative marketing and advertising agency which adheres to the principles of brand building and advertising

"We establish and measure KPIs for our marketing campaigns. For instance, the number of leads generated which drives the ROI for the brand is clearly the first and foremost KPI for any marketing campaign. Cost per lead measures the cost effectiveness of marketing campaigns, wherein this metric focuses on the leads generated by the campaign. For instance, when it comes to brandreach any brand to create awareness and brand recall, we follow up on the reach through digital platforms to the right audience that ensures our success and is a great KPI for our campaigns. Also, we also track through purchase funnel, customer lifetime value to ensure customer retention for our clients," says Sony.

A future ready partner for brands
Windsor Digital is in the midst of expanding and transforming its infrastructure and credibility as per the changing market dynamics. They are planning to set up in-house training programs for all their employees in the near-future. Presently, they have a formal mentorship program where each employee is assigned a mentor who helps them through issues like communications, language, motivation and customer care.

"We encourage teamwork and creative collaboration at our workplace and this culture has contributed to the success of our client servicing. The fact is that we are just under two years old and there is a long road ahead of us. We are focused on expanding our business into more verticals and industries in India and across other countries. We expect our 2nd year revenue to be 4x of the first year revenue," concludes Rakesh.

Client Testimonial
"We have been working with Windsor digital for the past 3 months. They have a great team mix of Content writers, Graphic Designers, SEO, SEM, PPC experts and social media campaign strategists. Their work is not just limited to online advertising. They even helped us in website creation, creation of high quality concept videos for brand promotion. They even went out of the box and are helping us in creating the right influencer marketing strategy and are connecting us with influencers in our space. So far, I loved working with Windsor Digital Team. I strongly believe that we can build a great brand together."
Dheeraj Reddy, Co-Founder & COO of Charzer

"The team at Windsor Digital is creative, responsive, alert and super-efficient. Sony and Sandhya plan in advance and are superfast at incorporating the changes (rarely needed) in their work. I find the creatives very attractive. They understand their job well and I am very happy with their Services. All the best to the team."
Nitin Mahipal, Director - Mega Freight