Winnpack: Redefining B2B Packaging with Curated Products & Services

Arjun Gulati,  Founder

Arjun Gulati


India's Packaging Market is projected to reach $204.81 Bn by 2025, exhibiting a remarkable CAGR of 26.7 percent from 2020 to 2025. This thriving sector has become a catalyst for technological and innovative growth, adding value to various manufacturing sectors like agriculture and FMCG. The packaging sector stands as the 5th largest in India's economy, with the country serving as a net exporter of packaging products, leading in BOPET and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container sub-segments. Winnpack, a premium B2B online marketplace, for packaging products and services, established in 2021, offers a comprehensive marketplace for diverse packaging solutions offered by carefully picked top-quality manufacturers and distributors to ensure a pleasant and inspiring shopping environment for clients.

Winnpack demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation and technology across all endeavors. The firm’s core beliefs center around the value of Quality as the defining characteristic of the products, giving the company a competitive advantage and guiding its investments. Winnpack’s success is a result of combining this mission with extensive market knowledge, product expertise, and experience. Above all, the team at Winnpack firmly believes that an exceptional customer experience is the key to success, benefiting both suppliers and the company itself. Aligned with these goals, Winnpack incorporates essential features to enhance the customer experience and deliver unparalleled service.
“Our vision is to be the most preferred and trusted B2B online marketplace for premium packaging products and services. In this endeavor we at Winnpack aim to develop a business model that is highly scalable for the online B2B environment, thereby committing to offering our clients a shopping experience second to none. We believe these philosophies will further help us achieve our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, delivery and cost through continuous innovation and customer interaction”, Arjun Gulati, Founder.

Winnpack is committed to offering its clients a shopping experience that is second to none

With the vision to become the chosen partner as well as a onestop- shop for all packaging needs, Winnpack has curated a comprehensive range of products across categories like boxes, trays, bags, containers, jars, tableware, bottles and supplies, with a wide assortment of products within each category. On account of serving the FMCG, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Corporate sectors, what further enhances the brand’s position in the market is its option to customize products with very specific configurations as per the client’s unique needs. As a result of such innovation and room for development, Winnpack has achieved steady growth, and built a prominent online presence in a short span since inception.

“We’re passionate about serving our clients to the fullest while continuously growing, learning, and innovating. With competencies across multiple areas, we offer our customers a more reliable supply chain and confidence in meeting all their packaging requirements. The core features of our platform including tier pricing, request for quote, quick orders, custom buy, vendor dashboard, ask a question, online negotiation, and MOQ bulk orders, set us apart from the competition and enhances the client’s shopping experience by streamlining and simplifying the navigation process”, further shares Arjun Gulati.

Novel Strategies
In pursuit of future growth, the company is excited to introduce innovative strategies aimed at enhancing sales and attracting diverse brands. Two promising initiatives are the Affiliate and Reseller programs. As an affiliate, partners can register online and earn commission-based sales. Similarly, the reseller program enables online registration with access to exclusive discounts. More over, the implementation of Customer Group Pricing adds value by offering special pricing tailored to specific customer segments. With a focus on fostering strong affiliations and offering competitive pricing, the company aspires to achieve sustainable growth and further solidify its position in the industry in the coming years.