Overview of the Professional Display Signage Market

Atul Jasra, Business Head (India), Philips Digital Signage Solutions & AOC MonitorsAtul, in his career spanning over two decades, has worked with many multination corporate that include Casio India, Thakral Computers,, and HCL Infosystems to name a few.

A need to entertain and inform audiences arises in public spaces that tend to attract a large crowd. Having said this the Professional Display Signage industry is a multibillion-dollar industry and growing. The adoption and integration of technology and the growing demand are the key aspects that have given a boost to the industry.

Global Market Perspective
Globally, the professional digital signage market has seen immense growth in recent times and is also expected to be on a positive incline for the coming few years. Some key aspects that this jump in number can be attributed to the growing technological advancements in display products, increasing adoption of digital signage products in commercial vertical, rising demand for 4K & 8K displays, and increasing infrastructural developments in emerging countries.

The display signage industry has gained immense popularity over the years and has become a primary tool to display content to convey urgent messages to the target audience. Some of the key outlets where digital signage has been adopted are retail outlets, hospitals, airports, malls, surveillance rooms, to name a few. In terms of use in B2C spaces, this is expected to increase the demand for signage solution as it helps marketers to promote their brand name and related information, as well as allow consumers to make informed purchase decisions. With regards to use in the B2B sphere, the customer is looking for an all-round product with 24x7 functionality, thus increasing the demand for signage.

Technological advancements in the space of professional signage solutions have impacted the market. This is also a major growth driver in the space. The space is evolving at a rapid pace and to keep up with this, brands are focusing on training users on the features of display equipment such as the CMS software and the android applications. The informative training sessions are designed to help executive understand the range of signage solutions. These sessions have a positive impact in the growth of the pro AV market.

Overview of the Indian market
The signage solution market in India is currently growing and is on a positive trend from a business perspective. The business environment is extremely receptive as the ecosystem that encourages the growth of display signage solutions is evolving and getting better by the day. India is experiencing a bigger and better data network which is one of the most cost effective in the world.

With national initiatives like Make in India, Smart City and Digital India,
there is an increasing demand for high quality, cutting edge professional display signage solutions. Government support and initiatives encourage not only digital payments but also digital dissemination of the information which in turn affects the display signage solution business. With the rise of smart cities each smart city has a surveillance initiative involving deployment of display signage’s due to round the clock CCTV facilities. Other sectors that are prevalent and contribute to the business are the, Banking & Financial Services Inclusion (BFSI) which involves taking the BFSI services in rural areas of India. The Education sector in India is also expanding by the day and the installations of interactive white boards for this vertical is also at a rise. India being the software hub for several multinational companies, also contribute as there are several software companies which are creating user-friendly solutions thereby increasing the use cases for deployment of the products in various other verticals like healthcare, retail, corporate (Video Conferencing solutions) and hospitality sectors.

In terms of the technology evolution in India, it is characterised by an increase in awareness of the potential of using cloud services and the benefits it brings-forth with the relevant software

Overall, the five technology trends rising to the top of the list as drivers of the growth are audio advances, future displays, IoT for smart buildings, IT and the cloud, and artificial intelligence. In terms of the technology evolution in India, it is characterized by an increase in awareness of the potential of using cloud services and the benefits it brings forth with the relevant software. This has resulted in an increase in demand for display signage solutions.

As far as challenges are concerned, India is spread across a vast expanse, thus, requires advance and technologically enhanced infrastructure to support the deployments in terms of installing the device and the maintenance and after sales service. In addition to this, due to value for money approach, the Indian consumer buying behaviour, the price points become a major deciding factor, challenging to meet the price expectations of the customers.

Key Players in the Market
The top three key competitors in the space of digital signage solutions include brands such as Samsung, LG and Philips.

There have been immense technological advancements in the Professional Signage solutions industry. In specific, Philips Professional Display has been a pioneer in getting inbuilt android screens in Philips D series. More recently there have been advances into Philips Q series Professional Displays. The android feature lets users run applications independently and the CMS application lets the users take control of the displays and content can be scheduled with SmartPlayer feature.

The integration of technologies is what differentiates the professional signage solutions industry from others because many of the technologies, products, and services for video capture, processing, storage, and displays are similar across different applications. The top solutions include conferencing and collaboration, learning, live events, digital signage, security and surveillance, and performance and entertainment.

The biggest challenge for India is the increasing customer expectation in terms of functionality and quality coupled with expectation of lower cost of ownership. This requires constant innovations as a must for a player to stay relative in the Indian market.

At Philips Professional Display, the aim is always to provide dynamic signage to informative content and entertainment. The display solutions bring intuitive access to an ever-expanding array of applications. More and more of the Professional Display Solutions are powered by Android™, and the number keeps growing. And by adopting the CMND platform, customers can control and update displays and content from a central location, saving both time and money. Its robust display management platform puts the customer in command of settings, scheduling firmware and software updates, and publishing and updating content. All with drag-and-drop ease.

TPV Technology showcased the new launches and the existing range of products across the Philips Professional Display segment at InfoComm 2019 in Mumbai.