Rise of Influencer Marketing In Today's Digital Age

Prerna Goel is a Delhi University Graduate and has an MBA in Marketing. She has also worked with OYO Rooms and brand manager. Prerna Goel says People connect with the influencers very well. They can relate to their lifestyle and hence the promotions run by influencers have a really good impact on what makes influencer marketing the most sought-after digital marketing tool today.

In India, Influencer marketing is rapidly increasing and the current worth of influencer marketing is around INR 9 Billion.

Now let us understand the inside out of the industry and the revenue model of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a great platform to reach, especially the younger generation. Moreover, influencer marketing is in a state of flux. Many companies have created strongholds in the influencer marketing world, one of them is which.

Increase of the influencer marketing space during the pandemic

There has been a major rise in influencer marketing activities after the outbreak of the pandemic. Smallest to smallest and biggest of biggest companies are opting for influencer marketing. With the rise of time spent on mobiles, the influencer industry has also grown considerably.

Challenges in the current ecosystem

In the current ecosystem, this market so now and then there are new entrants in this industry and sometimes they spoil the essence of the work. Every week there are new trends in the influencer market, and one new term is brand advocacy and equity in wake of some potential influencer marketing. There are various other aspects of influencer marketing which are evolving on the day to day basis.