Digital Marketing - The King Maker

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorDigital isn’t a new platform for marketing, but it is still creating new experiences for the consumers and new business opportunities for the companies. However, just fixing SEO and SMM is not enough anymore it’s kind of has moved down the value chain while its big brothers have taken over the charge. On the other hand, content has always been the king, but it is recently that many of the companies realized that it is also the king maker if used effectively and if correct information is passed to the correct audience.

The tug of war among the many components of digital marketing is still on brand building on the digital platforms being another aspect of it. It is no more enough to just have a website presence, but it should stand out and loud among the sea of similar service providers/companies.
With the ever changing rules and dynamics of digital marketing, it is really important that experts take care of such critical aspects, which will infuse life into your business, while enable customers/ consumers and even employees to effectively connect with the brands.

Hence digital marketing companies are the best resort as hiring a digital marketing expert is not everyone’s cup of tea. From devising cost effective, non competitive branding models, user-friendly web build and long-term organic SEO, to offering end-to-end data driven, technologically sound, and affordable digital marketing solutions, content marketing, SMM and lead generation services, which ensures better RoI, these experts encircle everything in their offerings to ensure you are at top of the game. However, there is a scarcity of talent in the industry. But as the young graduates realize that this is a potential field they could leverage as their career, they are turning towards training themselves apace with the latest trends. But the challenge lies in finding that one institute that makes you an all-champion in digital marketing. Hence we focus our current edition of siliconindia Magazine on this emerging realm and bring to you ‘10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies – 2019’, and ‘10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Institutes – 2019’. The featured companies are some of the best in the industry who offer cutting-edge solutions as per every client need, while the training institutes are engaged in creating the next line of digital marketing experts. Read to know more about them.
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