• CASHurDRIVE: A Pioneer in Introducing Vehicle Advertising Concept Across India
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    CASHurDRIVE: A Pioneer in Introducing Vehicle Advertising Concept Across India

    The right hemisphere of a human brain, also known as 'The Powerhouse of Creative Thoughts', is the prime reason behind the success of the creative industry. It is believed that creativity can come in all forms, shapes and sizes, anytime and any where, which is highly relatable to CASHurDRIVE's inception. CASHurDRIVE, India's first on-wheel advertising company that transforms any fuel guzzling car into a revenue generator was founded by Raghu Khanna in 2008. This out-of-the-box idea struck Raghu's mind when he was on his way back home from the US Embassy in Delhi and got caught in a traffic jam. "I was looking out of my car window, and a slogan written on the rear side of a truck snitched my attention.


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