How Can 2 Way Text In Your Dental Software Help In Reducing Patient Attrition?

Patients generally prefer text messages as a form of communication over other mediums. It enables them to express their difficulties appropriately. The feature of text messages in dental software has the potential to reduce patient attrition by making them feel comfortable and at ease. This article will gain insights regarding the benefits of 2-way texting in your dental software.

Support and Education
Two way texting is an excellent way of placing relevant and essential information before the patients prior to or after the scheduled appointments. If you provide them with hand written or printed information, they might lose them or discard it. However, a text message has the potential to keep them engaged.

Text messages are an effective medium that boosts and improves overall communication to a great extent

With the help of the internet, everyone can get access to the required information from any location. It enables the patients to take a look at the links of photos and videos that are attached in the text message.

Reputation Management
Two way texting is an incredible way to ensure top-notch patient satisfaction. It creates a positive impact on the patient, and as a result,they post positive reviews about your online texting feature. Apart from that, it allows the patients to share their feedback after the appointment. This will help the practitioners to identify their areas of weakness and work on them.

Improves Compliance
Two-way texting is a great way to learn from the patients whether they are complying well with the mentioned protocols and medication or not. You can send the following reminder tasks that are discussed below:
•Ask them whether they are taking proper medication or not.
•Whether they are engaged in inadequate oral care.
•Whether they have scheduled a follow up appointment or not

It will help the patients to let you know about the questions that are mentioned above. If you learn from them that they are not taking appropriate care, you can engage with your patients and figure out some other solution.
“Text messages are an effective medium that boosts and improves overall communication to a great extent

Improve Communication Regarding Payment
Prior to mailing your patients regarding the overdue charges, you can text them in a polite tone and let them know that their payment is due. This kind of payment mechanism enables you to attach an online bill pay link along with the text. It will instill trust amongst your patients thus adding value to your image.

Updates about Schedule Changes
If there is a change in the scheduled appointment due to a power outage, local weather event or physical illness, the doctors can communicate this information with the help of two-way texting. This is an easy method of letting them know about the cancellation or delay of the appointments. Apart from that, if the doctors want to reschedule the appointment, they can simply drop a text and be done with it.

Improved Scheduling
Forgetting the appointment timings are pretty standard, and it costs money along with medical practice time. With the help of two way texting, you are not likely to miss out on your appointments.

Improves Overall Communication
Text messages are an effective medium that boosts and improves overall communication to a great extent. It helps them to take charge of their own health and feel more empowered and well informed. The younger patients as well senior members can communicate with their doctors through text.

The Bottom Line
Thus, it is evident that two way texting in your dental software is highly beneficial. It can boost the confidence of the patients to a great extent and allows them to speak about their problems.