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  • 10 Most Promising Affiliate Marketing Service Providers - 2021

    The digital trends have completely changed the marketing techniques. Today, with rapidly evolving social media trends and unlimited internet access, numerous Indian companies have built their own affiliated network. From SEO to branding, affiliates play an important role in optimizing the marketing strategy and reducing costs. Affiliate marketing has helped small scale businesses to create brands through increased exposure on a digital platform. It has found to be very effective in boosting online sales. A survey from Forrester Research and Pepperjam showed that 46 percent of marketers believed affiliate paths increased ROI compared to other marketing channels. It is fuelling approximately 15-20 percent of total online sales. According to the report of IAMAI (Internet and Mobile...

10 Most Promising Affiliate Marketing Service Providers - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
HypeUp Media HypeUp Media Dikesh Rao,Co-founder & CEO A Brand Influencer Management company founded with a vision to give Brands Hype & Growth with its cost effective but result driven strategies
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AceMind Technology AceMind Technology Rishabh Jain, Director An expert in digital marketing space crafting inimitable advertising strategies, which enables clients to build their own affiliate marketing platform via its cutting-edge platform
Audvertize Audvertize Vishnupriya Singh, Group Head & Director One of India's premium adtech & performance marketing affiliate ad agencies working with more than 6,000 active desktop & mobile app publishers and advertisers
ClickOnik Digital Media ClickOnik Digital Media Vikas Thakur, Co-Founder Specializes in the areas of Mobie Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and other areas
Cuelinks Technology Cuelinks Technology Jimish Jobanputra, Co-Founder & CTO Enables publishers monetise their content in an effective manner and with minimal efforts
IBrandOx Online IBrandOx Online Sandeep Beniwal, Project Team Lead Enables businesses to identify the high potential opportunities and then execute the campaigns to maximize performance
LivingNeT LivingNeT Abid Khan, Founder & CEO Helping drive quality leads and delivering uniquely curated affiliate marketing services using unique tracking tools for advertisers & publishers
Mindtech Affiliates Mindtech Affiliates Anant Mishra, Network Director Performance-driven and fraud-free ad network involved in programmatic media buying that delivers high conversion offers & timely payouts for affiliates
SocialCTR Solutions SocialCTR Solutions Abhishek, CEO & Marketing Strategist Helps companies build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with its clients by engaging them with their brand using social media
VCommission VCommission Parul Tarang Bhargava, Co-Founder & CEO Specializes in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Lead Generation and more