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  • 10 Most Promising Visual Merchandising Companies - 2021

    Visual Merchandising (VM) has become very essential in marketing any retail business. A store derives as much of its identity, character and gravity from its physical contours, as from the products it houses and the individuals who interacts with customers there. Everything that makes an impact on the perspective of customer, whether it is decor, the shop floor & ceiling, lighting, music, trial rooms, staff uniforms or even the lipstick color used, is part of visual merchandising. Highlighting one's business strategy with highly creative solutions, visual merchandising helps in the upward surge of sales graph by attracting customers to all the sensory pleasures. The liberalization of the Indian economy and mall mania has seized India's fast expanding middle class, and...

10 Most Promising Visual Merchandising Companies - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Blucap Interiors Blucap Interiors Biju Varghese,CEO,Linda Biju, Director Offering customized interior design for residential and commercial interiors and home inspection services & home renovations
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Artistrick Artistrick Rashmi Satam, Founder A visual merchandising studio offering retail displays, product branding, 3D prop making, exhibition displays, art installations, signage designing, set designing and more
Bhawar Group Bhawar Group Bhawar Jain, CEO Providing a wide range of customized retail merchandising services and Visual Merchandising
Catalyst Design Catalyst Design Shantanu Sourabh, MD Bridging the gap between perception and concept realization through Graphic Design, New Store Setup, Visual Merchandising, Space Design, Retail Execution, Marketing Communication Design, Audio Visual, and Fabrication
Channelplay Channelplay Sundeep Holani, CEO Providing a topnotch selling environment for Mystery Shopping & Audits, Loyalty Programs, Visual Merchandising, Sales & Product Training, Sales Force Automation Software, and Sales Force Outsourcing
Dimensional Views Dimensional Views Naveen Surana, Business Owner Offers Visual Merchandising services for Interiors, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Banners and more
Expanda Stand Expanda Stand Madhu, CEO Offers excellent Visual Merchandising, Store Planning & Layouts, Customized Store Fixture Design & Production, and Sheet Metal Processing
Ovation Ovation Rituraj Nath, Founder Provider of visual concepts and strategies for retail brands, products and services
Surreal Design Studio Surreal Design Studio Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder, Rahul Soni, Founder Renowned for Product Merchandising, Retail Space Design, Mall Decor Design, Retail Design, Visual Merchandising, Festive Décor, Window Displays, Display Props & Fixtures, and more
TopHawks TopHawks Birendra Jha, CEO Contributing to business processes, sales and operations through Sales Outsourcing, Mystery Shopping, Visual Merchandising, Data Annotation, Workplace Hygiene Automation, Brand Activation, Btl Campaigns and Data Collection