Indroyd Labs: A Leading Player in the Diversified VR Arcade Games Segment

 Tariq Merchant & Shikhar Agarwal,   Co-FoundersThe arcade gaming market is estimated to grow by $1.66 billion during 2021-2025. The billion dollar market is a lucrative sector for more entrants entering the zone. The market is fragmented, and the degree of fragmentation will accelerate during the forecast period. Factors such as the high scope for monetization, the increasing physical activity in arcade gaming, and the limited piracy concerns will offer immense growth opportunities. To leverage the current opportunities, market vendors must strengthen their foothold in the fast growing segments while maintaining their positions in the slow-growing segments.

Indroyd Labs is the pioneer in the segment for domestic manufacturing and end-to-end support for Arcade games. A Leading Player in the Diversified VR simulator manufacturing and Arcade Games Segment The company's USP lies in the inhouse facility that supports all the processes from software to hardware. The company believes in delivering its true expertise for all electrical and mechanical concerns unlike its contemporaries that specialize in either vertical. The best part is the low cost offered in delivery in less time frame.

Cutting-edge Tech Products
Indroyd Labs offers a diversified range of indigenously manufactured games and VR simulators. The inhouse team of all streams of engineers helps build best quality products with optimized cost. The primary competitors are Chinese manufacturers but it has an edge in terms of quality and service support. Indroyd Labs has indigenously manufactured RFID readers, inhouse developed ERP
software for game zones, food courts, amusement parks, clubs, and theatres. It is one of the leading RFID payment solutions providers in India with 200+ running gaming centres facilitating cashless and hasslefree transactions with extensive reports module for operations, sales, inventory, and alerts. "Our products are pivoted around state-of-the-art technological advancements. We offer products that leverage metaverse, augmented reality, image processing and machine learning for humancomputer interaction. We offer customized engagement solutions using these cutting-edge technologies for experiential marketing events and promotions. Our experiential solutions have been utilized by clients like Aditya Birla Group, Lakme, Phonepe, Amazon Prime, and so on", says Co-Founder Shikhar Agarwal.

Indroyd Labs builds high quality, highly engaging Arcades and VR simulators

Indroyd Labs is currently offering a range of arcade games that are intuitive, realistic, advanced, and user friendly. All this, and the company helps its clients through every aspect of gaming including electronic components, software, and mechanical components. The inhouse team of engineers and developers specializes in brainstorming ideas, involved in analysis and hardware optimisation.

The current market scenario comprises of major capitalisation of Chinese players for cost advantageous solutions. The Indian market still has a mile to go on this front when India would be the major player. Indroyd Labs, however is pacing fast to take the lead with 360-degree VR simulators and permanent solutions in over 200 gaming centers. The company stays ahead of the trends by providing comprehensive services to its clients ranging from RFID to games.

Invested In Advanced Projects
Players can choose from our wide range of indigenously manufactured games, RFID systems, and effective resource management solutions through RFID systems. Indroyd Lbs offer customized and innovative content for promotional events and functions, interactive interfaces, a diverse range of products in the field of human computer interaction, customized AR apps, and multiplayer games. The other products offered are Interactive Table and an Interactive Floor that Convert any floor into touch screen without any physical tampering with the floor with 20+ different games and effects. It can be used for entrance welcome effects or events.

Indroyd Labs started in 2010 and then ventured into manufacturing in 2013. It currently has two workshops and one office location. It is recently developing AR Trampoline Game that maps player to a virtual avatar on screen and player has to collect or dodge objects while jumping on trampoline.