Traverse Strategy Consultants: Market Research Abridged

Anupam Sen, Founder & CEO &,Havish Madhvapaty, & Head of Research

Anupam Sen, Founder & CEO &

Havish Madhvapaty, & Head of Research

Market research is interestingly juxt a positioned at this very moment. The major factor influencing the current scenario relies upon market research firms showing proven RoI to its clients. One company that is etching the eloquence of a consultancy role within market research is Traverse Strategy Consultants(TStratCo). The company is redefining the aura of market research by building an exceptional team of delivery partners both in domestic as well as international markets and is enduring a speckle of consultative element till the end of project execution.

Based in New Delhi, TStratCo is a research and consulting firm specialized in market research. “Our team of analysts come from varied backgrounds in market research, project management, digital marketing and data science. Most importantly,with subject matter experts on board, we encourage our teams to constantly deliver more to our clients,than what is expected! When we say this, we mean
that as a company we ensure that if the project requires us to merely collate data from respondents, we also deliver actionable insights as a value added quotient” says Anupam Sen,Founder & CEO, Traverse Strategy Consultants.

Delivering actionable insights resulting in guaranteed RoI

Conventional is Imperative

TStratCo offers a gamut of services and their distinct offerings cover fieldwork that they do for their clients, across the globe. This includes methodologies such as – CATI, CAWI, and F2F. Secondly, their work in the media space is immense as they are Knowledge Partners for industry rankings. In addition to this, their quantitative team spearheaded by Havish, who is a globally certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master, has designed several metrics for their clients. These metrics have been based on sound quantitative and statistical frameworks in consultation with experts. Further elaborating, Anupam adds, “We have not been shy about challenging conventional wisdom and accepted standards. We are happy to say that we have constantly received exceptionally positive feedback on the disruptive work that we have done with our work designing metrics. Few examples involve CMO Ranking, Experiential spends in India, Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI), among others.”
Providing businesses insightful and actionable business perspectives, TStratCo has acquired an illustrious clientele that include Hero Moto corp, Philips, Ministry of Tourism, SEBI, BW Business world among others. The company has been a Knowledge Partner for 3 editions of Pitch Top 10 CMOs, 2 editions of Pitch Top 50 Brands, Pitch Top 10 Promising Young Marketers, Conduit and Renvoi at Amity University, BW Business world Future of Education Summit and was chosen for the SEBI Investor Survey 2015. They have also been featured in various magazines and websites for their quality work. Other than this, Anupam and Havish have authored a book on management case studies titled ‘RENVOI: BUSINESS MANGEMENT CASES’ and have written research papers for prestigious journals. Havish has completed his second book on analytics titled “STRATÉGIE: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS” and is working on his third book titled “LONDON DIARIES: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES”.

TStratCo has also been known to offer MS Excel intervention sessions and trainings across sectors. In the last year, they have taken sessions at S&P, Hughes, ITC, S.Chand,Tata Motors, Wipro, Uber, Coal India among others. Narrating the future plans, Anupam concludes, “Our revenues have grown three fold in the last two years. We foresee ourselves continuing to strive in this space by delivering better quality & actionable insights resulting in RoI to our clients, globally.”