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  • 10 Most Promising Market Research Companies - 2017

    The only difference between an idea that fetches millions of dollar and the one that falls flat in the market is the preparation carried out before executing the idea. Be it a small or a large business, managing the related risks is a priority. Also, the acceleration of the technological trends that are ceaselessly impacting the research space has simultaneously led the industry to struggle even more with the implementation of all of its latest research possibilities. The need to conduct market research has changed over the years driven by globalization, the rise in competition & other factors and has encouraged organizations to adopt appropriate market research strategies. And this is where the role of market research companies comes in. Identifying the challenges & threats...

10 Most Promising Market Research Companies - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Sheer Analytics & Insights Sheer Analytics & Insights Dilip Sangupta , MD Visions to bring back onus on the Primary Research & Secondary Research at the bottom most levels of market penetration
EConcero Consulting EConcero Consulting Nandita Kanwar, Founder A global market research and customer strategy company that offers full range of integrated market research and digital marketing services to power brands
Global Survey Global Survey Mayank Bhanushali, Founder & Managing Director Assist organisations via online panel services & end -to-end market research services offerings across the world
Innovative Research Services Innovative Research Services Shakti Patnaik, Founder & CEO &, Sailaja S.P, Co-Founder & COO Helps a brand in determining its status quo by providing a suite of solutions for developing business process, investigating competitors and getting satisfied customers
Knowledge Excel Services Knowledge Excel Services Saurabh Aggarwal , Founder An End to End Market Research Company with expertise in Advanced Survey Programming & Conjoint Analysis. Emerged in MR space with goal to provide timely, innovative and actionable information at a reasonable cost
MaxCorp Consulting MaxCorp Consulting Maushumi Sharma, Director &, Mahesh Sugathan, VP – Operations & Strategy A full service marketing research & consulting company facilitating research needs across geographies & in various industries
Traverse Strategy Consultants Traverse Strategy Consultants Anupam Sen, Founder & CEO &, Havish Madhvapaty, & Head of Research Etching the eloquence of a consultancy role & market research by providing guaranteed RoI to its clients
Vmak Research & Services Vmak Research & Services Mohinder Sharma, CEO Institutionalised as a full service Market Research agency that provides the end-to-end MR offerings in a cost effective manner
WiseGuy Reports  WiseGuy Reports Vinit Ketan, MD , Suman Singh, CEO Understands the essential of statistical surveying information for any organization and ensures to provide receive the most reliable and up to date research data available