10 Minutes To 1: Modeling Innovative Marketing Communication Strategies & Single Window Operation for Ubiquitous Branding

Ashutosh Bhattacharya,Director Strategy &Creative

Ashutosh Bhattacharya

Director Strategy &Creative

Can creative be savvy or savvy be creative? Hypothetic proletarians negate this thesis, but ultra-modern masterminds always raise the flag of affirmation. Regardless of whether you are communicating an enormous business venture or launching a new product, creativity is what presents your image appropriately and preserve your reputation. In a world where stature is synonymous with business profitability, a careful, considerate and gruelling work with proper testing and insight is the need of the hour. Since audience keeps the story, trend and brand nifty, 10 Minutes To 1 (a strategic marketing communication consultancy) earmarks the target audience in the spotlight when representing client's marquee and efficiently undertakes conceptualisation, designing and implementation of all communication needs.

Founded in 2010 by a team of young but experienced professionals,this Gurgaon-based company proffers innovative solutions to enhance conversation between the client and media. What raises the bar to excellence is its finesse in bringing a fresh perspective, anytime, anywhere. “If you are tired of dealing with multiple agencies,and always struggle to ensure corporate or product messaging consistency across communication tools, 10 Minutes To 1 can provide the solution. We have over the years invested heavily in building a Design Studio, Film Studio with a Film Production House, efficiently deploying many of this tools as part of comprehensive online as well as offline content strategies,” avers Ashutosh Bhattacharya, Director Strategy & Creative, 10 Minutes to 1.
A Blue-sky of Innovation
When asked about the company’s quirky name, Ashutosh recalls, “While brainstorming for a unique name, many names like Toruk Maktu (From Movie Avatar) were thrown in for consideration, but there was no agreement. That is when I uttered 10 Minutes To 1, the exact time 10 to 1 AM looking into the wall clock. And all just jumped and nodded in agreement. We had to work on a backstory, and honestly, we today have many. For instance, for every 1 step, a client takes we take 10. Won't any company want an agency that truly works passionately as an extended team?”

While a lovely image and clean layout can be beautiful to look at, we know that an excellent design should always communicate the message and every presentation should be 5 Line 5 Words

In addition, the logo speaks volume of the company’s ingenuity where in numerical one encompasses all the services it offers, which signifies the company's expertise and calibre. 10 Minutes to 1 is a comprehensive one-stop shop service provider focused on proffering a single window operation to ensure brand message consistency while organizing multi-pronged communication campaign. Everything, from film production to 3D animation,crisis management to event management and digital media marketing to public relations, is optimised and customised as per various brand requisites. Under its plethora of services, the company predominantly offers filming and video production services packaged with online content strategy, content creation and engaging communication tools that suit the client's budget, requirement and target audience. Since online presence is the new haul in the market, 10 Minutes to 1 provides turn-key solutions for all the web developments like web
hosting, layout conceptualisation, SEO, web monitoring, online reputation management and many more.

Today the organisation bets heavily on further strengthening all these services and has been expanding aggressively in the space of Internal Communications & Engagement. Ashutosh adds,“With workforce playing a critical role for both small and big brands in this digital era, each employee should be seen as a true brand ambassador. With diverse employee base, gender, age etc. throws a challenge to communicate effectively internally too alongside externally. And we are one of the only agencies in India with experience of working with brands like Philips, Apollo Tyres, HCL, Hindustan Powerprojects and more”.

On top of the line, branding solutions including graphic design (corporate identity, logo designing advertising material designing) and web design (website user interface, web banners /ads, web-newsletters) are developed in-house. “While a lovely image and clean layout can be beautiful to look at, we know that an excellent design should always communicate the message and every presentation should be 5 Line 5 Words,” states Ashutosh.

All-in-One Package
Despite the noise that PR is another run-on-the-mill business, 10 Minutes to 1 has consistently proven its dexterity by providing strategic communication advisory council, crisis management, comprehensive content strategies to brands across all verticals, both large-scale and start-ups, and assists them in solving marketing challenges to create a strong brand identity. Parallel to succouring clients, the company always maintains a channel of efficient and transparent communique within its workroom by deploying mediums like Newsletters, GIF Mailers, Corporate Films and Leadership initiatives that foster a sense of passion and pride amongst 10 Minutes to 1’s personnel.