Aakhya India: A PR & Public Affairs Firm that Tells Stories that Matter in the Deft Utilization of Technology

Kavita Datta,Founder & President

Kavita Datta, Founder & President

With the digital space exploding, the past few years have been challenging for brands and businesses in terms of gaining visibility in the most creative way possible. As the fight for capturing audiences’ mind space intensifies, companies across the board today are struggling to connect with the audience, while remaining relevant in the fast changing times. Relying on the PR approach of ‘Everyone likes a good story’, Aakhya India, an independent full-service strategic public affairs and public relations consultancy firm is helping brands forge an honest and lasting connection with its audience. Headed by communications expert, Kavita Datta, the firm has built strong expertise in policy advocacy, communications and public relations. Armed with a team of committed story tellers, the New Delhi headquartered PR firm is deeply aware of changing geographical, social and cultural contexts, manifesting in its well thought-out and customised interventions and solutions.

Public Policy Expertise
The specialist communications consultancy deftly straddles the worlds of policy advocacy, government relations and strategic media relations. Leveraging the
team's deep understanding of business, politics and communications, Aakhya India is working towards aligning government priorities with those of the industry with creative business solutions and communication models. “We are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between policy makers and businesses by amplifying the individual strengths of the public and private sectors in an ecosystem that aims to solve the economic and social issues in India,” explains Kavita. Having worked in various sectors across different Indian states, the company has developed a strong hold on Hindi and most vernacular languages in addition to English.

" We are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between policy makers and businesses by amplifying the individual strengths of the public and private sectors "

Expansive Communications Solutions
Bringing a nuanced approach to PR, Aakhya India has built competency in rendering 360 degree communications solutions such as sharing clients’ work, initiatives, and key messaging on various fora. In a bid to achieve strategic communications, the firm stays one step ahead and successfully creates a positive narrative for clients’ vision, mission and goals.

Aakhya India also conceptualizes and publishes a varied range of books from development reports & annual reports to coffee table books, keeping original content central to every publication. “We work closely with authors and other relevant stakeholders through strong editorial
development processes and innovations in sales and marketing,”adds Kavita. Having built expertise in exhibition & event management the organization has put together a dedicated team of event managers to provide expert solutions from conceptualization to execution such as theme identification,creating stalls in exhibitions, speaker identification, moderation and emcee facilitation &post event content dissemination, along with media support.

Deft Utilization of Technology
Committed to rendering customized services, Aakhya India believes in maintaining a compact clientele. Understanding every brand’s unique pain point, the firm doesn’t rely on a single methodology, but adopts a problem specific approach to remedying client challenges. Making adroit use of technology, Aakhya India utilizes social listening to understand the narrative online and measures the direct & indirect impact of its strategies in real time.

While rendering a gamut of advantages, extensive use of technology has also given rise to an explosion of information and content. Given the sheer magnitude of it, it becomes pertinent for people to separate useful information from the noise and separate news from fake news. Realizing its responsibility as a communications facilitator, Aakhya India ensures that the right information is disseminated in the right way to the right audience. Exuding conscientiousness, the firm understands the power of real people and strategic partnerships in facilitating positive change.