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Tejash Shah, Managing Director

Tejash Shah

Managing Director

The concept of live streaming has greatly impacted small, mid-sized to large companies for a variety of their business endeavours, for instance launching a new product, live telecasting events, marriages and so on. The accessibility to cheaper and faster internet coupled with support from various free social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & others have given the right momentum for the live streaming industry to prosper. But what good is a live stream without a great audio visual to show! Accord Equips (Estd. 1998) offers these two prime services live streaming and video production under one roof.

In an exclusive interaction with siliconindia, Tejash Shah (Managing Director, Accord Equips) has elucidated the USP of the firm. Here are the excerpts!

Walk us through the distinctive facets of Accord Equips.
Live Streaming & Video Production inhouse: Today, most technology companies hold strong expertise in Live Streaming but tend to outsource Video Production Services. We understand that these two verticals are interlinked. While we already stand-out as reputed specialists in video production over the last two decades and in live streaming since three years. In fact, ours is probably the only company that has inhouse live streaming and video production services. Given that we have end to end solutions inhouse, we take complete responsibility of projects from planning to delivery.

Starting with one live streaming project every months, we now do two projects every week. Our clients include a diverse range of users Like reputed Law firm Khaitan & Co, to banks like Cosmos Bank, Exim bank, to Media publication giants like Bennett Colman & Haymarket Sac and many more

Some large corporate want to run their inhouse internet channels. It is a challenge for them to manage the equipment and crew required to
run the channel.The corporate’s expertise lies in running their business and not this area of work. They realize that it makes economical and practical sense to outsource this requirement to a company like ours.

We thrive on challenges and like the idea of creating new markets and solutions in the Media and Entertainment industry

Live Streaming on the go : We can handle professional live streaming on the go ie on streets, in a moving car etc. One would think that anyone could do that through mobile phones too. When we mention professional live streaming on the go, we mean using multiple professional cameras with a live video mixer and perfect audio.

We can also live stream VR videos. This is again a niche area specialized by few Companies.

In the nutshell,Accord Equips is a company built on Innovation. We have many firsts to our credit. We thrive on challenges and like the idea of creating new markets and solutions in the Media and Entertainment industry.

As a rental house, we have India’s largest range of Cameras, lenses & accessories. With offices in Mumbai & Pune, we service right from Photographers to indie film makers to advertising agencies to Companies like BBC, Viacom 18, Yashraj Films, Aamir Khan Productions, Disney India, Star India, JWT, Wat Media, 22feet Tribal and many more!

When someone is in the lookout to rent a camera or lens in Mumbai or Pune, Accord Equips is on top of their mind. How have you achieved this expertise in the field of equipment rentals?
The primary difference probably between us and many other rental houses could be that we are a production house too. This helps us think from our point of view too, We understand their requirements and expectations. We have a simple strategy right from the beginning. Zero tolerance to deficiency in equipment and service! Chalta hai is not accepted

We provide not just cameras and lenses but a one stop shop for all related gear for photography & film making. As and when required,
provide our full crew and technical support.

What type of Video Production Services you offer?
Given the present times, videos are essential for small and big companies to reach out to their audience; we offer all types of basic to high end video production support, including Training videos, Testimonial Videos, CXO interviews, Factory videos, Product videos, Corporate AVS, 360 VR Immersive videos and others.

Often companies do not have an advertising agency or access to a video production team. Our website has transparent packages with costs for all types of videos. All that the company has to do is check our website, choose a relevant package and mail back.

How do you accentuate on offering the best customer support?
We simply listen to our clients. Our motto is “To keep your clients … Keep your promises”

All our equipment and other services are available over our userfriendly website. Our strong client servicing and booking team work round the clock to service client requirements. We have presence on most of the popular social media platforms for easier accessibility and communication with our costumers.

Enlighten us on your future roadmap.
With a relentless motto of ‘What Next’, we will continue to create new opportunities within the media and Entertainment space. We will continue to strengthen our forte in 360 VR, live streaming and video production divisions.

Key Management:
Tejash Shah, Managing Director
Tejash is a second generation media industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the equipment rental and broadcast, film & video production industry. He also speaks at prestigious industry forums while writing articles for the world of entertainment.

Locations:Mumbai& Pune
“Accord Equips understands the demanding conditions we work in. One call and it’s over to them”.
-Viacom 18

“Accord Equips has supported many of our projects. They don’t compete on price, they compete on quality. They understand the meaning of deadlines. We can count on them when it comes to delivering”.
-Yash Raj Films