Acumen Research and Consulting: Helping Businesses Grow with Crisp & Accurate Market Insights

Digvijay Deshmukh,CEOThe success of any business enterprise depends on identifying the gaps and opportunities that exist in the market. Consider this as an example, suppose a company wishes to expand into the smartphone manufacturing business. In order for the business to thrive and succeed, a thorough understanding of the smartphone manufacturing segment becomes a matter of utmost importance. Any company seeking to expand or venture into an uncharted market segment needs to understand the existing players in the market and the new value propositions they can bring forth to the table in order to compete with the existing players to be successful. Thus, an indepth background research of the market segment becomes imperative for the robust growth of any organization. This is precisely where Pune-headquartered Acumen Research and Consulting comes into the fray with its rich methodology of multilevel quality check process and multifaceted research techniques that deliver precise industry reports to clients.

“We have been in this industry for more than 5 years now, we have worked on different projects catering to almost all the industry verticals”, reveals Digvijay Deshmukh, CEO at Acumen Research.

“We have a team of 500 global researchers and analysts who have a cumulative experience of over 200 years in the domain”, Digvijay further points out. Being a global
research firm Acumen Research employs the industry best primary and secondary research methodologies to come up with detailed and accurate market insights. This enables the firm to come up with in-depth industry reports that help organizations to understand the growth trajectory of any market segment in the upcoming 5 to 6 years. With the purchase of Acumen reports, companies get a prior glimpse regarding the trends and the latest developments happening in a particular market segment. “The reports give the clients an understanding of the developments they need to undertake from their end to thrive in any market segment” says Digvijay. The firm shares a series of sample reports, and if the content of the reports matches the clients’ requirements, then the clients have an option to purchase such reports directly. In addition to the inhouse published reports, Acumen Research specializes in delivering customized research reports wherein reports can be customized or designed in a manner that gives a crisp scoop of a particular or niche research area a client is seeking. “We received a lot of appreciation from our clients over the years. “When you receive appreciation from competitive consulting firms, that speaks volume of the Acumen’s crisp market research reports” Digvijay Deshmukh, CEO, Acumen Research & Consulting.

our regional market information assists our clients in identifying prospective opportunities and developing regional and country-specific business plans. Our services are designed to provide our clients with the best market research available

Serving Fortune 500 Companies and Beyond
Established in the year 2016, Acumen Research and Consulting has emerged as one of the most trustworthy market research firms in India. In a short space of just 5 years, the firm has earned appreciation from several Fortune 500 companies. Today, many of the Fortune 500 companies, including top consultancy firms consistently rely on Acumen’s published reports for the purpose of strategizing their future business growth.

For the upcoming future ahead, Digvijay feels that his firm is well poised to surpass the challenges posed by the Covid Pandemic situation which has hampered all industries globally, market research being no exception. Digvijay and the group of experts at Acumen is looking forward to expanding its business and continue focusing on delivering crisp and precise market research reports, which have earned the trust of some of the biggest brand names in the world.