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    In 2021, market research revenues were more than 73.4 billion, more than double as of 2008. The growing utilisation of social media and the shifting media environment will alter established market research methodologies. The increase of industry revenue is projected to accelerate by increasing numbers of companies that implement new creative ways between 2016 and 2021. Market research is an essential component that attempts to understand its target market, uncover customer concerns. Given that the easiest method for entrepreneurs or company leaders to stay up with the trends in the market and retain their competitive edge, many market research professionals are plunged into this market research consulting industry by tailoring the numerous business prospects. These consultants...

Top 10 most promising Market Research Companies - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acumen Research And Consulting Acumen Research And Consulting Digvijay Deshmukh, CEO A global provider of market intelligence and consulting services to information technology, investment, telecommunication, manufacturing, and consumer technology markets.
GCS Research GCS Research Deepak Khurana,, CEO Provides global sampling and data collection service to clients and market research firms.
Happy Thinking People Happy Thinking People Priyali Jha, Executive Director Design creative ways of illuminating and exploring the world, people and brands to help clients make successful business decisions.
Maction Consulting Maction Consulting Mahendra Chaudhary, Founder and Managing Director A full service market research agency that provides quantitative & qualitative fieldwork/data collection, analytics, and market/social research to corporations and non-profits worldwide.
Real Plan Consulting Real Plan Consulting A Venkata Sai Kasyap, Founder A Startup India Initiative Recognized Turnkey Business Consulting Firm offering Professional and Industry Standards Research, Consulting & Advisory Services in the fields of Market Research, Location Analysis, Market Feasibility Studies, Brand Consulting, Real Estate Advisory, Socio-Economic Studies, Political Research & Urban Planning.
Rose Market Reserach Rose Market Reserach Bharatbhushan Nirmal , Founder Provides Consumer Research, Business Research, Industrial Research, Pharma Research, Social Research, Rural Research, Customer Experience Research, Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research.
Samcrit Samcrit Abhishek, Country Management Director Providing hard-to-reach audiences with real time market research and solid foundations for all kinds of businesses
Sheer Analytics And Insights Sheer Analytics And Insights Gaurav Bhushan, CEO Market Research, Consulting, Syndicate Reports, Custom Enquiry, Passport reports, TAM/PAM Analysis, Customized Reports , IT Consulting, Industry Analysis, Market Intelligence and many more speciatities are provided
Traverse Strategy Consultants Traverse Strategy Consultants Anupam Sen, Founder & CEO A global market research and consulting firm which provides research based solutions to business executives and investment professionals so that they can make right business & investment decisions faster based on real facts.