Ad Street Communications: Blending Creativity & Expertise to Achieve Business Objectives

  Abhishek Jha,    Founder & CEO

Abhishek Jha

Founder & CEO

Every business owner recognizes that marketing and advertising are critical to their company's success and growth. An advertising agency is born to create exhilarating, cohesive, and well thought out marketing campaigns that will assist brands in reaching their potential customers. These ad agencies are a group of professionals who collaborate with one purpose in mind to assist businesses in seamlessly reaching their target customers. One such dynamic integrated marketing agency based out of Mumbai with representation in Bangalore, Pune, and Lucknow is Ad Street Communications. Ad Street Communications was incorporated in 2019 by Abhishek Jha with the vision of becoming a strategic branding partner for emerging brands across the globe.

Ad Street Communications focuses on the business that gets generated by abiding by the brand promise of creating convergence through creativity. The entire array of services provided by Ad Street is geared around conversions. The firm is not only into delivering creativity but also understanding the business side of things, rendering end-to-end solutions, and delivering tangible results for the brand which gives the firm an edge over the others. For instance, in the realm of real estate both on a national and international scale the firm has launched real estate projects, right from creating the brand identity, creating brand strategic communication, to creating a sales funnel
through which it has sold inventories worth 75 to 100 crores in just one financial year, demonstrating the firm's competency.

Ad Street Communications employs a philosophy known as Cross the Line (CTL), which is a combination of ATL, BTL, and Digital. When a prospect client approaches the agency with a problem, Ad Street does not bifurcate the solution into platforms instead, it provides a holistic solution. Under the CTL approach, the firm clumps all the requirements together and gives them a 360-degree solution. Further, the firm lays its significance on humanizing a brand by bringing it closer to its customers. The company takes a human first approach, putting customers first and creating a brand that resonates with them. "Consumers are beyond just Target Audiences and in today's world, it's even more important to move beyond just products to a brand which connects with people. People embrace and use the product and services if they relate to how the brand speaks, its personality just like a human being “signifies Abhishek Jha, Founder & CEO.

Ad Street Communications focuses on the business that gets generated by abiding by the brand promise of creating conversions through creativity

Ad Street Communications, as a strategy-led agency, consults brands at the fledgling stage, attempting to provide the best strategy for the brand in terms of how it will be presented in the market and how the strategy will be implemented over a one-year, three-year, and five-year timeframe. The agency works with the brand and goes into great detail on how the brand should be positioned and what the communication strategy should be. Apart from doing brand consulting, the firm also lays its expertise in TV commercials, social media management, performance marketing, and celebled influencer.

As the firm proceeds ahead to reaching new heights, unlike just expanding it in terms of numbers, Ad Street is looking to work with established brands and bring value to them, while simultaneously continuing to work with brands at a nascent stage. Thus, in the next year, the firm is looking at establishing a real estate advisory vertical, which will assist real estate firms in getting an idea from a branding viewpoint all the way up to a sales perspective. Further, within the next year, the firm is also setting up its own production vertical PAN India. Its consultative approach will remain unchanged; currently, the firm is working with around nine brands on a retainer basis, and it intends to expand to 20 in the next financial year.