Admatazz: Keeping creativity at the core of every solution

Yash Chandiramani,Founder & Chief Strategist

Yash Chandiramani

Founder & Chief Strategist

A company will obtain useful, supportive and genuine guidance from a leading digital marketing agency on how to maximize their promotion and ensure that the company excels. But it can be harder for them to collaborate when they get the internal team to do something for the company, resulting in conflicts of interest and disputes. The ultimate way to receive unbiased and expedient guidance is to hire a creative digital marketing agency.

Admatazz is a one-stop digital marketing agency, which was incepted in 2017 by YashChandiramani, Chief Strategist & Founder. Being an independent data backed agency which creates digital solutions for brands and corporate profiles, the company focuses on planning, creating and executing digital campaigns for brands from various industries.

While holding a strong client base the company offers services to various sectors such as Education, Real Estate, Banking and Automobiles with clients including ICICI Bank, JBCN Group of International Schools, Jubilant Group - Audi, HDFC Bank, BGAUSS, Embry riddle, Coffee Bean and Tea Leafand many more.
Admatazz follows three steps while developing and executing their marketing solutions such as Measure, Create and Amplify. Under Measure, the company offers Marketing data analytics, sentiment analysis, a heat map & user flow, multivariate ad analytics, website or app traffic audit and search audit. Under create the company offers Social media content, video ads and films, long format content, display & email communication, print and outdoor ads. The third step is Amplify, under which the company offers Social media ads, search ads, programmatic network ads, targeted data ads via text, mobile apps, Video ads, OTT platforms and streaming services.

Strategies to Foster Creativity
Admatazz believes that creativity is the core element in innovation on which all their digital marketing solutions are crafted. It is one of the few agencies like Admatazz who understand the media and the creative requirements which go hand in hand in the current scenario.

Admatazz believes that Creativity is the core element in innovation on which all their digital marketing solutions are crafted

The business has fully expanded through word of mouth. Further explaining the business strategies, YashChandiramani adds, "Each client who choose our services, is taken on board with equal care and trust as it is significant for us to provide essential ideas and creating eye catching campaigns. We believe at looking for new solutions from a creator lens to understand which is the apt audience and that is what we uphold when providing each digital marketing solution to achieve our goals. In the end we work like this is the only client we have to ensure that all the objectives of the clients are fulfilled."

Admatazz is one of the fastest growing agencies in India. "We have grown from a single person shop in 2017 to 25 people's agency in just 3 years. With our advent more in marketing analytics, we have worked on propriety algorithms for a deep dive in advertising analytics. Apart from this, we are also sharpening our performance marketing skills with constant experiments with creative formats. Currently, future plans include setting up a satellite office for our western world clients", concludes Yash.