ADOHM: Eliminating the Intricacies of Modern Digital Advertising Process via Artificial Intelligence

Kuldeep Chaudhary, CEOToday, enterprises opt to work on digital marketing strategies instead of traditional ways, to build up their brand image and reach targeted customers as quickly as possible to grapple with the massive competition in their respective fields. In contract, the objectives of hyper-personalization, maximizing advertising budget, analyzing customer data and predicting customer behavior are some of the major challenges faced by modern marketers. The need of the hour is expert who can overcome these dilemmas along with automating the processes and reducing the manual effort. Born with the dexterity to deliver the best of these three worlds, ADOHM - an AI-based marketing platform - has emerged into a name to reckon on. Founded in 2012, the company automates the entire advertising process, delivers impactful campaigns with minimal wastage of valuable budgets, lesser manual interventions and ultimately delivers higher ROI on ad spend.

ADOHM takes care of all the time-consuming tasks of advertisers, starting from automating the media buying process to optimizing their campaigns. The firm deploys Omni
channel approach to perform media buying, aiding brands to run their advertising campaigns on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & connect with millions of ad inventories globally, thereby providing them and their products greater visualization and cutting-down their advertising cost. Once customers feed the complete parameters such as target audience, KPIs, location, desired devices & channels and ad creative, ADOHM builds the profiles of target users and determines which ads should be shown where and when by processing the data and adjusting decisions along the way by incorporating predictive algorithms and machine learning techniques.

"ADOHM takes care of all the time-consuming tasks of advertisers, starting from automating the media buying process to optimizing their campaigns"

Alongside, this revolutionary platform applies propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels. By thoroughly understanding customers’ pattern and their history of digital presence, ADOHM’s AI-powered platform takes autonomous decisions (across channel platforms), allocates budgets, optimizes campaigns 24×7 and helps them to grow exponentially. Its unique CRM system, which is under development process, will further segregate fake & valuable inquiries generated by taking clients’ instant feedback and creates genuine traffic, thereby
facilitating them to reach their potential customers and achieve higher sales & customer satisfaction. “We also work with enterprises that come first time on digital platform and desire to make their transition super smooth without hiring a specialist. With our platform, they can start advertising in just three simple steps and we are probably the first company in India who automates campaigns on various advertising platforms using AI,” adds Kuldeep Chaudhary, CEO, ADOHM.

Moving Towards Globalization
The whole excellence can also be credited to ADOHM’s team of experts (data scientists, developers and others) who aids numerous brands to advertise with ease and significantly reduces their ad wastage and boost their ROI. The company has already achieved a strong presence in India through a network of associates and publishers who help to acquire new customers. Recently, the venture launched version 1.2 of the platform that receives excellent response from customers (100 sign-up within three months). This in-turn provoked many international agencies to become reseller of ADOHM’s product.

Enriched with such features, the company is planning to enhance its revenue and raise fund. Meanwhile, ADOHM is also aiming to take its entire product range to the global platform along with enhanced technology and universal price. “We have proven that a single person can handle multiple accounts which were not possible earlier. We help agencies to bring-down the cost implemented globally,” concludes Kuldeep.