AdXFactory Media: Coalesces World-Wide Advertisers & Publishers via In-House Technology Oriented Media & Monetization Solutions

Rohit Srivastava,Founder & CEO

Rohit Srivastava

Founder & CEO

The profusion in local listing sites, social media, websites, blogs, multimedia, press releases, online communities and many other mediums for digital advertising is evidently complicating the process of tracking the actual sources of ad monetization, among the advertisers. Coupled with this scenario is the advent of ad frauds, content-scraping websites, bots clicking ads, ads with misleading content, fictitious mechanisms delivering ads, malvertising, and much more, further slowing the tracking process. Clearly, both advertisers and publishers are battling with these scenarios, while endeavouring to gain the best ROI. Uniting the top advertisers and publishers across 190+ countries under one roof, AdXFactory Media (Estd.2015), a pioneering tech-media firm ensures to deliver them the best media and monetization solutions, as well as dedicated services that can generate instant results.

Fraud-Free Marketplace
Analysing the above scenarios, Rohit Srivastava, Founder & CEO, AdXFactory Media, elucidates “We constantly scan and refine our inventory, monitor IP location database, filter bot traffic for
effective cost per mille (eCPM) and block domain to assure that our advertisers are acquiring quality traffic and our publishers are reaping good eCPM”. In addition, AdXFactory associates with the leading security companies in ad tech industry and deploys extensive in-house advertising technologies to create the finest and comprehensive solutions (search (contextual business), open real-time bidding (RTB), business (display, native & video)and cost per install (CPI)) across business verticals. The firm also safeguards its partners’ ecosystems and serve them with high-quality ads via its best-in-class anti-malware engine.

"AdXFactory associates with the leading security companies in ad tech industry and deploys extensive in-house advertising technologies to create the finest and comprehensive solutions"

Beyond Traditional Media
Being cost effective, maximum reach and targeting in minimum cost, programmatic advertising in the new hot cake. Leveraging this method, AdXFactory allows advertisers to target the right audience by assisting them to programmatically publish ads on websites relevant to their brand and business, and not plague users on other websites. Targeting is indeed performed through the firm’s advanced RTB technique driven by algorithms that can acquire audiences based on location, age, group, gender and other aspects, and also help advertisers to retarget audiences on other websites. Advertisers can also run campaigns for search, pop ads, display and native channels on publisher’s inventory across multiple devices like
desktop, mobile and tablets. On the other hand, publishers and SSP partners are allowed to choose multiple offers, ads relevancy as per their web page or app, and maximum bidding price by employing the same technique.

Unlike other traditional advertising media, this programmatic advertising technique is hinged on a more cost effective pricing methodology as all brands have control over their expenditures, thereby bestowing both advertisers and publishers with long-term success and maximum ROI. The firm also deploys other powerful tools of the programmatic space like cross-device targeting that enables brands to get consistent messages and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to dynamically deliver highly personalized ads. Besides programmatic advertising and RTB, AdXFactory frames solutions across online advertising, ad network, mobile advertising, search advertising (XML), display advertising, self-serve DSP and self-serve SSP.

A bootstrapped company, AdXFactory has been growing-up to 41 percent with transactions augmenting by 110 percent YoY as an independent body. The firm has also been leveraging its footprint across two countries to cater the needs of 600+ eminent global advertisers. Moreover, AdXFactory envisages growing manifold horizontally, as well as vertically with more office spaces and manpower globally in the next five years, and experiencing concentric diversification with added products and services. “We are aiming at the overall growth and prosperity of the organization in the next five years,” concludes Rohit.