Akartha: Crafting Ideas which can make a Difference

 Santhosh Jetty,  Creative Head

Santhosh Jetty

Creative Head

Akartha is a leading Indian creative agency and perhaps the only one amongst the home-grown that could compete with global advertising agencies. Acclaimed for its distinctive concepts packed with quality that is reflected in its surpassing innovative content, conceptualization and high production values, the agency renders ‘creative’ services such as Branding, Strategy, Integrated Campaigns and Ad film production. Through sheer dedication and hard work, Akartha, more than an agency, has set itself as a trusted ‘creative partner’ amongst its clients which include Akzonobel, Blackbuck, Paytm, Khatabook, Isha Foundation, and many more.

Another advertising strategy that Akartha focuses on through their works is that human beings are powered by emotions, not reason, because emotion leads to action, and reason leads to conclusion. That’s why they believe in uplifting their client’s brand image through positive emotions that come from great storytelling. “Stories have huge value in advertising, as they make people see and experience an emotion. Compelling stories for the right target audience with right characters, emotion, research and detail tend to capture our attention faster than the most elaborately produced goodlooking ads. We are not just an agency, but also a production house under one roof,” says Santhosh Jetty, Creative Head, Akartha.

They didn’t fail to inculcate this belief in any of their works be it the FASTag campaign for one of India’s leading logistics company
called Blackbuck an app for small business called Khatabook or be it one of their most loved project till date a CSR film for Akzonobel all of them had a flow of story, expressed through the right actions that are successful to tickle the emotional strings of the respective target audience.

Innovative Ideas & Beyond
In the beginning, it was a challenge for Akartha to convince companies to get projects because there were no known brands in their portfolio and not enough experience in certain segments. But they persisted and created powerful and meaningful content that converted clients’ campaigns into successful ones. “We focused on partnering with clients who wanted to become a leading global brand, which matched with our own vision, there was no looking back after that,” says Santhosh.

Compelling stories for the right target audience with right characters, emotion, research and detail tend to capture our attention faster than the most elaborately produced good-looking ads

Apart from being skilled and hardworking, it is their eye for detail and factor of connectivity & relatability that sets the team of Akartha apart from other agencies. Some of their brainstorming and research activities for clients include instances like interviewing travellers at railway stations for Paytm Travel, and talking to Kirana shop owners and their sup¬pliers & customers for Khatabook.

In addition to this dedicated team, the agency now works under the leadership of Salmin Sheriff who heads the film and creative division. He is an experienced adman and a renowned theatre director & playwright with about 35 years of experience, every time giving a perfect touch to ideas, scripts, and taglines.

“Our clients are not just the big brands, but also small firms who have good business ethics and excellent products, which aspire to someday go global”, says Salmin Sheriff, Head of film. The Khatabook’s ‘Khata Hua Khatabook’ campaign by Akartha won over 1.3 million likes on TikTok within a day since it went live, and the app achieved approximately more than 50,000 app downloads on the same day.

The success of Akartha does not only lie in retaining their clients, but also their staff. Their Diversity & Inclusive policy and the friendly working environment at Akartha has seen a high employee retention rate. Counting on these amazingly energetic and enthusiastic tech-savvy teams of professionals who believe in the policy of ‘always be working ’and ‘having fun when the job is done’, Akartha is making a dent in the world.