Anunaad: Modeling Spirited Branding with A Surprise of Resourceful Creativity & Excellence

Kundan Ruikar, FounderCreative advertising is today’s pop culture that drives the vehicle of creativity and contemporary communication. Time and again, we all come in contact with this mover, either from outdoor boards, social media campaigns or television commercials. With no humdrum advertising, ingenious ninjas like Kundan Ruikar (Founder, Anunaad) have created a room for strategic creative advertising aced with high-end technology, innovative designs and outstanding ideas. Known as the ‘Spirit of Brands’ since 1993, Anunaad is a one-stop solution provider for brand building activities and maneuvers state-of-the-art communication stratagem to deeply connect brands with their target audience. Aiming to stand out in global market, the company runs on a niche dictum – ‘autograph your work with excellence’ and reverberates this statement with insightful quality to create services, an art it defines as resourceful creativity. Collective Sparks, the compendium of Anunaad, is a good source of learning for advertising students and to expand this benefit to many, the company gives the copies of this compendium to the libraries of art and design institutes.

Creativity Knows No Bounds
A honeycomb of change, communication and co-ordination, Anunaad heightens creative excellence by developing brands of

A honeycomb of change, communication and co-ordination, Anunaad heightens creative excellence by developing brands of world-class standards with their roots entrenched in socio-cultural context

world-class standards with their roots entrenched in socio-cultural context. What unfurl the flag of excellence are its customer-oriented services commencing from brand counselling and strategy building, a provision centric to Anunaad’s dexterity. The company offers solutions for building brand strategy, creative designing, media planning & execution, audio-visual production, print production, web design & development, digital marketing strategy, digital content creation, and social media management. While closely working with its clients, Anunaad performs an extensive study to determine clientele need and prepares branding strategy master plan to fulfill their creative requisites in the best possible manner. We not only cater to the big brands but also to the brands belonging to small and medium scale industries. “We focus on creating content that strikes the right balance between client requirements and our individuality”, elucidates Kundan.

He adds, “Image of being a superior brand, backed by admirable people, enhances the image of each other in the consumer’s psyche”. By understanding product, consumer needs, competition and researching market trends, the company strategizes plans to widen brand awareness while its methodical
design process assist the success stories of many brands like Acme Infovision Systems, Buldana Urban Co-operative Credit Society, Cybernetic Technologies, Indo Batteries, Kailas Jeevan and Pratham Technologies. The perfect exemplar of Anunaad’s portfolio is its association with Yolkshire (go-to breakfast destination in Pune) wherein the company provided creative inputs for its physical branding, designing and iconic logo identity that propelled the brand towards recognition and success.

Sound & Strategic Dynamism
Anunaad’s methodology is a triangular framework connected with the lines of Image, Building and Strategy, explaining the fact that image of the brand and the company is complimentary and must arise simultaneously. Under its Image feature, the company works on image carving by focusing on brand identity, product and packaging. While on the Strategy line, image communiqué is created to establish brand presence among its audience through print, press, audio-visuals and online platform; its Building characteristic is set on the equilibrium to highlight image element by conducting exhibitions, events and trade-outlets. This paradigm not only helps in understanding brand insights but also enhances the communication between client, company and consumer.

With dynamic in its workroom, Anunaad provides a free hand to every team member that helps them experiment in the right manner and thrive in it. The creative spearheads always surprise the clients with precision and newness in their plan of action. No wonder, this Pune-based company has elevated its graph by creating a niche, conceiving extraordinary ideas and challenging creativity!