Attrait Solutions: Offering Holistic Affiliate Marketing Consulting to Put Brands on the Path of Success

Murtaza Husain,Co-Founder

Murtaza Husain, Co-Founder

With the unfurling of present-day digital elevations, affiliate marketing has become a vital tool for businesses. Alas! Most of the businesses don’t know how to effectively deal with their affiliate marketing requirements. They are in dire need of proficient marketing consultant who can provide an effective & well-rounded marketing strategy, and enable them to outshine in this dynamic online marketing framework.

Synonymous to the new age internet business space, Attrait Solutions, an affiliate marketing consultant & solution provider, is the perfect solution to this need, thanks to its mastery on utilizing the internet as a significant marketing tool for effectively marketing a brand. After understanding the competition, pricing strategy, brand positioning, and consumer base of its clients, the company empowers them to bridge the gap between them & the online world, and sell their products & services in the right way. By providing end-to-end marketing services right from strategizing, implementing, analyzing market scope, building websites, and cataloguing to positioning the required brand, this
one-stop-e-Commerce solution provider works closely with clients throughout the complete business cycle. “There is a lot of information but there is no knowledge. People don’t know how to interpret it. With our consultant approach, we help them in overcoming the challenges & problems of selling online, how to engage with customers, and organize their business for e-Commerce,” adds Murtaza Husain, Co-Founder, Attrait Solutions.

"With our consultant approach, we help them in overcoming the challenges & problems of selling online, how to engage with customers, and organize their business for e-Commerce"

Crafting Effective Marketing Campaigns
An expert in search engine & social media optimization, Attrait, heading by Murtaza and Partners - Adnan Ali and Rohit Gupta, produces compelling marketing techniques through banner advertisements, social media, email, SEO & SMS marketing and empowers brands to build relationships with customers. Besides enabling brands to expedite their sales by properly showcasing their products/services on e-Commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm & more, the company also assists them in developing & promoting their brand on their own website & social media. Murtaza recalls when a premium rice manufacturing company was getting a good response with their digital marketing campaign on Facebook. Attrait interfaced the campaign directly with the company’s website, and enabled the customers & dealers to buy the product in the bat of an eye,
thereby increasing the company’s ROI. Like wise, Attrait assisted ‘The Honey Shop India’ in growing at an enormous rate of 70 percent monthly, wherein their sales figure progressed from five to six figures in just six months.

Leveraging Technology
Empowering brands to bout their competitors, Attrait does competitor analysis to ascertain what works well in the market & where the client’s company is standing and provides actionable guidance accordingly. Well, technology plays a critical role in this battle and fast-tracks the process. Besides using HubSpot, Cloud-based software, and other software for promotions purposes, feedback mailing, SMS, and social media integration, the company also uses multi-channel inventory management software to manage products impeccably.

Built for the newcomers who don’t have a product but are enthusiastic to jump into the business, Attrait’s cutting-edge product tracks the product’s ranks for different categories, enables them to find promising products, and kick-start their journey. Furthermore, after doing the product research to pull-out insights, Attrait gives recommendations for brands to balance each area of marketing and prioritizes the essential aspects. Thanks to these sterling marketing strategies, this 2008-established company is progressing at a whopping rate of 50 percent annually. In the future, Attrait aims to find & help the sellers or people who have passion & potential to create ground-breaking paradigms in digital marketing space.